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Lithium Battery Electrode Film Coating Machine With Vacuum Drying For Lab

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ACEY-TRC400 is a three-roll transfer coating equipment, which is convenient to apply to various substrate surface coating processes. Especially used in the lithium-ion battery industry, the equipment is designed to be convenient for researchers to use, and to meet the requirements of coating accuracy and consistency, which is no different from production. The drying effect is excellent. It is a lithium-ion battery, super capacitor, nickel battery and others. Ideal for R&D of secondary batteries.

  • Substrate tension control, stable tape travel, equipped with deviation correction device;

  • Hot-air oven, upper and lower double-sided blowing, high-quality drying effect;

  • Three-roll transfer coating, with a wider coating window;

  • Comma squeegee measurement, with precision adjustment mechanism, to obtain high coating precision;

  • PLC control, touch screen operation, convenient and easy to use;

  • Optional solvent recovery processing device;


Product Name

Three-roll transfer coating equipment

Model No.


Suitable system

lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganate, graphite, silicon carbon and other system battery positive and
negative sheet coating process

Coating method

continuous coating, intermittent coating

Number of oven sections

1.5m/section, 3 sections in total, three sections of temperature control, SUS304 stainless steel

Heating method

electric heating, hot air circulation structure

Temperature in the drying tunnel

Designed to Max150, the temperature difference in a single oven is 5

Mechanical speed

not less than 4.5m/min

Operating base material thickness

aluminum foil (Al): 8~30um copper foil (Cu): 8~30um

Designed width of roller surface

400 mm


round jump±1.5um, Ra0.4, straightness±1.5um

Coating roller (steel roller)

circle runout±1.5um, Ra0.4 straightness±1.5um

Rubber roller

circle runout10um, straightness10um

Surface treatment of the roller

the surface of the metal aluminum roller is oxidized, and the circle runout 30um

Guaranteed coating width

not less than 330mm

Coating accuracy

better than ±3um (edge error ±5um)

Double-sided coating weight accuracy (mg/cm2)

coating center value ±1.0%

Suitable for slurry viscosity

2000~12000 (mPas)

 Single-side coating dry thickness range


Thickness adjustment

free adjustment, dial indicator display accuracy 1um

Coating length

gap: single piece Max.10000mm, blank 8~120mm, accuracy ±0.5mm

Rewinding correction accuracy


Winding tension

automatic control of constant tension, tension range 0~80N

Solvent characteristics

oily solvent NMP (sg=1.033, bp=204) / water-based solvent H2O/NMP (sg=1.000,

Suitable solid content range


Coating size accuracy (mm)

L±1, W±0.5 L: length direction

Position accuracy of front and back faces (mm)

L±1, W±0.5 W: width direction

Main control system

touch screen, PLC, module, servo system

Operation mode

manual, automatic, emergency stop; the whole machine can be operated before and after

Appearance size and weight of coating equipment




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