500 ~ 1000 кг/ч оборудование для производства жира, растительного масла и синтетического материала для стирки/туалетного мыла (1600369296823)

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Product Overview


Factory Price 500~1000kg/h animal fat and vegetable oil and synthetic material laundry/toilet soap making machinery

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Features of laundry soap machine:

1. The finishing lines of Series for toilet and translucent soap bring together all components that are most reliable, most durable, supplied by the most famous vendors in the world.

2. The mechanical design is tend to be simplified, more robust, low energy consumption, low off-stream rate, easy to be maintained ,more people-oriented and with good view both outside and inside of the machines.

Advantages of laundry soap machine:

1.Semi automatic production line 

2.Capacity can be from 300-2000kg/h.

3.Soap size depends on client demands

4.Good performance & high efficiency

Production process of laundry soap machine:

Mix and melt oil --> Saponification --> Vacuum drying --> Soap noodle --> Grinding --> Vacuum Plodder (extruding) --> Cutting.


Main Equipment of laundry soap machine:

1. saponification equipment,

2. drying plant, 

3. double sigema mixer,(Used for mixing soap noodles.)

4. refiner, Three roller mill, (Used for grinding soap noodles into thin sheets. )

5. duplex vacuum plodder(Extruder) Machine ( Used for molding the sheets into long strip soap of required shape. )

6. water chiller,

7. electronic cutter,( Used for cutting the long strip soap into soap bar that is desired size )

8. stamping machine, 

9. freezer,

10.belt conveyors,

11. electric control panel etc.

Photos of laundry soap machine:



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