Industrial sand vacuum dredger machine jet pump dredge

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Industrial sand vacuum dredger machine jet pump dredge

dredger machine


Product Description

>> Overview for Industrial sand vacuum dredger machine jet pump dredge

AMG Series dredge pump is designed to handle very large particles for gravel and dredging operations.

Dredge pump is designed for the continuous handling of the most difficult higher abrasive slurry, containing solids too large to be pumped by a standard slurry pump.


These dredge pumps are constructed of a single casing connected by means of clamps and a widened suction port.



>> Features about Industrial sand vacuum dredger machine jet pump dredge

Wet parts


– Dredge pump out vanes on rear and front (on closed impellers) reduce recirculation within pump, and in preventing seal contamination – optional castings of straight or semi-Francis vanes (from 3 to 8 vanes on certain sizes) offer wider hydraulic options in single sizes

NPSH- exceptional NPSHr conditions due to large impeller eyes
Particles- large eye openings and vane passages allow for the largest particle flows of any dredge pump

We offers a wide variety of seal options to suit any process requirements


available with low flow water flush or zero flow (grease lubricated) options to provide exceptional sealing where water introduction to the seal is intolerable or limited


gland sealing with packing and lantern ring


We offers a variety of low-flow seals, which can significantly reduce water usage in the stuffing box – the low-flow seal systems can be applied in a variety of applications using several material and component options

Bearing Assemblyall bearings assembled with highest quality tapered roller bearings in controlled environments to prevent lubricant and housing contamination – oversized shaft diameters and reduced overhang in the wet end contribute to long life and reliability in the field
Base– a single piece base with integrated adjustment mechanism for impeller clearance within pump – bearing assembly locks into base using four heavy-duty bolts – three custom designed mounting modes available: overhead using integrated single pedestal system, side-by-side with adjustable motor mount, and direct-coupled with precision in-house alignment (optional VFD packages available)



>> Other Features about Industrial sand vacuum dredger machine jet pump dredge

1. Broad path created by single casing and clamp bands connection;
2. Unique design to make maintenance and wet parts replacement convenient;
3. The wet parts are made of Ni-hard and high-chrome wear-resistant alloys with good anti-corrosive property;
4. The discharge direction of pump can be oriented in any direction of 360°;
5. The standard seal type is packing seal.
6. Good performance of NPSH.


>> Performance about Industrial sand vacuum dredger machine jet pump dredge

China sand suction pump


>> Dimentions about Industrial sand vacuum dredger machine jet pump dredge




>> Centrifugal dredge pump power loss

There only a part of the mechanical power of the centrifugal pump getting from the driver equipment, convert to the centrifugal power and then delivered to the liquid power. The another part was loss. The reasons are below:

1. Hydraulic loss: Created for the liquid impact, vortex and friction in the pump. The impact and vortex hydraulic loss is because of the the liquid change the flow direction. Besides, when the liquid flow, it will have friction when meet the pump passageway.This kind of loss depend on the length, volume, shape, and surface roughness of the passageway and the liquid flow speed and other character.

2. Volume loss: It resulted for the powered liquid will channeling are leakage. The general pump volume efficiency is 0.93~0.98%. Improve the seal ring and shaft seal construction, can reduce the volume loss and increase the volume efficiency.

3. Mechanical loss: It is caused by the friction of liquid and impeller plate surface, also named dick friction loss of impeller, and the pump shaft friction when rotated in the packing, bearing, balancing parts and other mechanical parts.

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Shijiazhuang An Pump Machinery Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer and trading enterprise, which is mainly engaged in pump designing, manufacturing, selling and service. We develop the international trading business of mining equipment, slurry pumps, and water pumps according the wide customer resource, comprehensive technology and reasonable staffing.

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An pump machinery's main products includes: slurry pump, desulfurization pump, gravel pump, mud pump, sewage pump, submersible pump, submersible sewage pump, impurity pump, large capacity split casing pump, high head multistage water pump,end suction pump, self priming pump, pump parts and ancillary equipment, which can satisfy different kinds of demands.

Packaging & Shipping

>> Packing and shipping about Industrial sand vacuum dredger machine jet pump dredge

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