Karl Fischer Titration Lubricant Oil Moisture Testing Equipment (1600370501659)

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Karl Fischer Titration Lubricant Oil Moisture Testing Equipment

Karl Fischer Titration Lubricant Oil Moisture Testing Equipment complies to ASTM D1533,D6304, D1744 and D95, widely used to analyze the moisture content in petroleum products such as transformer oil, lube oil, engine oil, turbine oil and diesel fuel, etc. It is an ideal water content measurement instrument in institutions,petroleum enterprises, chemical industry, power, pharmaceuticals, pesticide, railways and research, etc.

1. 8-inch 260,000 color LCD touch screen display (800 * 600 pixels resolution);
2. The shell is made of high quality ABS engineering plastic board, with anti-corrosion treatment on the surface, anti-corrosion, easy to clean;
3. The blank current microprocessor automatically controls the compensation to ensure that the blank is accurately deducted within 10 minutes of the sample enrichment time;

4. 0-400 mAh large electrolysis current, high detection sensitivity, fast analysis speed;
5. Powerful storage function, storage of 300 measurement results, easy access to historical records at any time;
6. Automatically calculates and prints ug / ppm / percentage content / mg / L / sample number / tester / date, etc.;

Product Paramenters

Measurement mode
Karl Fischer Coulometric method
English LCD display
Electrolysis current
0-400 mA automatic control
Measurement range
0.01ug water - 200mg water
0.01ug water
Applicable standard
ASTM D6304, D1533, D95

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Company Profile

Chongqing Blossom Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is located in Chongqing, one of the municipalities directly under the central government. The main products include instrument and apparatus, mechanical machinery such as liquid purification equipment, etc. The equipment is widely applied in construction, petroleum, mechanical, ships, pharmaceutical, lab test and edible oil processing, etc.



1. What's the payment method?

Payment can be done by cash T/T, L/C, Western Union, Alibaba Trade Assurance,etc.


2. How long is the delivery period?

Generally it takes about 10 working days for production and then the delivery will be done timely.


3.What's the package made of?

The package is made of international export standard wooden case.


4.What's the delivery method?

By train, by air, by sea, by truck, by express, etc.


5. How long is the guarantee period?

The guarantee period is 2 years due to the product quality problems itself.


6.What services can you provide?

Online support through email, telephone, Whatsapp or other communication method; onsite taining and installation if you need; filed maintenance and repair, technical video support, etc.

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