RO Water Purifier Filter Replacement 75GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane Personal Water Filter

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Product Overview


RO Water Purifier Filter Replacement 75GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane Personal Water Filter



Salt Rejection


Flow Rate




Packing Size

2G Test

2G Series Application Data:

 Membrane typePolyamide thin-film composite

Maximum Applied Pressure

Maximum Operating Temperature 113°F(45C°)
Maximun Feed Water TDS 1,000ppm
Maximum sdi (15min) 5.0
Maximum Chlorine Concentration 1.0 NTU
Maximum Chlorine Concentration <0.1mg/L
Operating PH range 2~11




Q: Is 1*400GPD better than 2*200GPD?

A: 200GPD is better, theres less glue during production, better salt rejection rate and water flow.


Q: When to clean the membrane elments?

A: it is important to clean the membrane elements when any of the following conditions occur:

10-15% decrease in normalized permeate flow

10-15% increase in normalized permeate total dissolved solids (TDS)

10-15% increase in normalized pressure drop between feed and reject


Q: How to Solve RO Membrane Blockage?

A: 1. Firstly, you need to determine if the membrane of the home RO System is really blocked.

2. Understand the water quality in the region and see if the main components of scale are mainly composed of calcium and magnesium salts.

3. Dispense the syrup (10% hydrochloric acid) or the diluted detergent (descaling detergent on the market) and the special RO membrane cleaning agent according to the composition of the scale, and place the RO membrane therein for 24 hours.

4. Next, rinse the RO membrane after soaking, and rinse the RO membrane with water produced by ultrafiltration. When flushing, close the pure water outlet and open only the waste water outlet.


Q: Why the RO membrane is blockage after one to two months?

A: 1. raw water with high salt content, too many scales.

2. the content of organic matter in the water exceeds the standard, RO membrane is fouled and plugged

3. high RO film recovery rate

4. the purifier is not equipped with flushing function. After long-term use, high-concentration brine is deposited in the RO membrane shell.



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