Electric 5/ 15/ 25/ 35/ 50 kw generator Silent Style Diesel Generator Set Price single phase Silent diesel generator (1600370546037)

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Product Overview


Features & Tech Info

>> Designed and manufactured with German standards; tested as per latest industrial international norms.
>> Using industry branded core components, ensuring reliable operation, great power generating performance.

>> Equipped with advanced control module & HMI screen, realizing user-friendly operation while achieving a top work safety.
>> Rain-proof and dust-proof frame design, effectively prolong generator set service life.

>> Fantastic air intake and exhaust system to keep genset well ventilated.
>> Heavy steel frame chassis, robust enough to withstand vibration.

>> Unique noise reduction & attenuation system, which helps to reduce genset noise as low as 20~30dB (A); (Please consult AGG sales team for special requirements).
>> High performance damping system and heavy duty fabricated steel base frame achieving better vibration absorbing effect.

>> Designed & supplied with intelligent paralleling function to suit larger demands.
>> Tailored design available for customer needs and environmental characteristics, such as featured cooling system, fuel supply and return system, parallel operation and grid-connected system, intelligent communication system and load PLC management system, etc.

Environmental Operating Conditions
Fuel Consumption
Installation place
Outdoors or indoors (well ventilated)
100% load with fan (L/h)
58.4 (ESP)
53.4 (PRP)
Ambient temperature
-25℃~45℃ (Coolant heater is required when <5℃)
75% load with fan (L/h)
41.3 (ESP)
41.3 (PRP)
Less than 80%
50% load with fan (L/h)
29.4 (ESP)
29.4 (PRP)
<1000 meters
25% load with fan (L/h)
17.5 (ESP)
17.5 (PRP)
Engine Data
Generator Data
Output power (ESP/PRP)
Voltage control
Electronic, self- regulating, +/- 1%
Number of cylinders / Cylinder configuration
Short circuit capability
3 * nominal current/10s
Bore / Stroke–mm
Radio interference
EN 55011 Class B, Group 1
Compression ratio
IP class
IP 23
Governor type
Insulation class
Injection system
PT Direct injection
Temperature rise class
Cooling mode
Water cooling
Generator efficiency @ 100% load

Supply Scope

Standard Supply Scope:
① Diesel engine
② Synchronous AC alternator
③ Main circuit breaker
④ Heavy duty fabricated steel base frame
⑤ Water cooling radiator
⑥ Auto controller DSE 6020
⑦ Maintenance-free battery
⑧ SUS bellows expansion joint & flue silencer
⑨ Soundproof canopy (for silent type only)

Note: Please consult for optional supply scope:
>> Automatic transfer switch
>> Synchronization system
>> Coolant heater
>> Lubricant oil heater
>> Fuel & water separator
>> External day-use fuel tank
>> Anti condensation heater
>> Special-purpose silencer
>> Other specific requirements

AGG Open Type Genset Supply Range:
>> Frequency: 50 & 60 Hz;
>> Capacity: 9 ~ 4000 KVA;
>> Fuel type: diesel, gas;
>> Voltage: 110V ~ 10 KV.
AGG Silent Type Genset Supply Range:
>> Frequency: 50 & 60 Hz;
>> Capacity: 9 ~ 3250 kVA;
>> Soundproof canopy type:
① ≤700 kVA: with standard canopy;
② >700 kVA: with containerized canopy;
>> Voltage: 110V ~ 10 kV.

AGG Soundproof Silent Generator set:
① Fresh Air inlet
② Emergency stop button
③ Steel base frame
④ Control cabinet
AGG Soundproof Silent Generator set:
⑤ Power cable outlet
⑥ Forklift slot
⑦ Drain outlet
⑧ Maintenance door
⑨ Drag hole

Why Choose Us

>> Genuinely originates from Germany.

>> Over-five-decade experience for generator sets design & supply.

>> Genset manufacturing factory covers more than 30,000 square meters.
>> Specialize in the design & manufacture of generator set powered by diesel & gas engine, gas & steam turbine, and all kinds of internal combustion power unit.

>> Only work with famed engines, alternators and parts & components.
>> Have serviced large amount of world-renowned projects: Shanghai Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, China Construction Bank (Beijing), Iraq Rumaila power plant, Colón Panama power plant, Dubai photovoltaic solar power plant, German Federal Railways, Xinjiang Karamay oilfield, and more.

Certificates & Partners


Q: What is the power range of your generator sets?
A: We can provide 10 KVA to 7500KVA, with a voltage range of 110V~15000V and frequencies of 50Hz and 60Hz.

Q: What is the difference between prime power and standby power?
A: Prime power is applicable for supplying continuous electrical power (at variable load) in lieu of commercially purchased power. There is no limitation to the annual hours of operation and this model can supply 10% overload power for 1 hour in 12 hours.

Standby power is applicable for supplying continuous electrical power (at variable load) in the event of a utility power failure. No overload is permitted on these ratings.
Q: What is the difference between kW and kVA?
A: Generators are sized in both kW and kVA; where the kW is the real and actual power available and the kVA is the maximum apparent power that the generator is designed to handle.
Q: How much fuel does a diesel generator use and how is it stored?
A: Different engines have different efficiencies but as a very rough rule of thumb a modern engine uses around 210 litres per hour per 1000kVA. Each generator (up to 800kVA) has an internal fuel tank with various sizes. If you need additional bulk storage tanks, please feel free to consult.
Q: What is the supply scope of your generator set?
A: For our open type generator set, the supply scope is generator set, radiator tank, control & switch cabinet (for the generator set only), starting battery, SUS bellows expansion joint, flue silencer.

Packing & Shipping

>> Ready-in-stock models can be delivered soon after payment is made; for customized or not ready models, lead time is normally within one month for one set.
>> Incoterms accepted by us are EXW, FCA, FAS, FOB, CFR, and CIF. For other terms, please feel free to consult.
>> For shipping, we normally deliver ordered gensets from port of Shanghai either by LCL or FCL.
>> Standard way of packaging is to wrap up the generator set with foam, plastic wrap or bubble film, such way is cost-effective, convenient, and efficient.
>> To provide better protection, we can also provide fumigation free plywood case or iron packing. Other packing methods are upon request.

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