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Product Overview


Product Overview

Forced circulation evaporation evaporator / crystallizer
The forced circulation evaporator, also known as FC evaporator, is that the materials are transported to the tubular heater through a large flow circulating pump. After heating, the materials enter the separator for evaporation and separation. The non evaporated liquid material is transported by the circulating pump to the heater for heating and evaporation again, forming a process of repeated circulation evaporation. It is suitable for the treatment of materials with scaling, crystallinity, heat sensitivity (low temperature), high concentration, high viscosity and insoluble solids with particles. It is an ideal equipment for concentration of heat sensitive materials such as fruit pulp (tomato paste), inorganic salts (ammonium sulfate, sodium sulfate, sodium chloride, etc.), malt and essence, starch pulp, sugar, oligosaccharide, inositol, protein peptide and other heat sensitive materials. It is widely used in evaporation and concentration of aqueous or organic phase solution in food, medicine, chemical industry, environmental protection and other industries.


The whole set of equipment is mainly composed of heater, separator, circulating pipe, vapor-liquid separator, surface condenser, vacuum pump, feed pump, discharge pump, forced circulation pump, condensate pump, electric control box, workbench and all pipelines, valves and instruments.

Structure diagram of mould
machine show
Front elevation



Water Evaporation capacity(t/h)
Input concentration
we will design according to different kinds of raw material 
Steam pressure
Steam consumption capacity
(with heat pressure pump)
Maximum Vacuum
Evaporation temperature
Cooling water cost/Evaporation capacity
Note:We can design and manufacture according to customer’s special requirement.


Shanghai waste water treatment
Machine show
Shanghai clients factory


Successful Project

Project in Thailand
Project in Shanghai
Project in Russia



Q: Why would I choose you?

VANOO(SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD can supply and stock wide range of stainless steel products.We have active managment, experienced technical people, labor workers.High effective sales team.Mass production capacity ensures on-time delivery and quick response to any quote and complaint.

Q: May I have free samples before ordering?
In fact, before many large-scale production equipment, many customers will choose an experimental machine to verify whether their ideas or processes are feasible. We are happy to provide you with experimental machines and sell them at the most favorable price.

Q: What’s the MOQ?
No MOQ for standard products.Custom parts can be discussed

Q: What is the lead time?
Common items are stocked--3-5 days
Big volume order usually takes about 20-30 days

Q: What’s the payment term?
Paypal, Western Union, T/T and Credit Card.T/T and L/C.

Q: Do you have product warranty?
Yes,12 months warranty.100% inspection on finished products before dispatch.Inferior products can be returned or replaced without excuse.
Repair parts could be supplied for replacement

Q:Do you have mill test certificate?
Yes, each order is traceable by Inspection certificate CE , ISO ect if you need any otehr certificates , let us know , we will help you to get it as much as we can .

OEM is welcomed, and we can sign on Non-disclosure Agreement of Commercial Secrets.
Custom facbrication is acceptable.

Any customer wants to be our distributor and partner.Please discuss with us.You will get favorable support.

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Company introduction
Luan Fanbang Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd & VANOO(SHANGHAI) CO.,LTD located in Shanghai Fengxian Zhelin Economic Zone, and we are cooperated with the United States GL-Innovations Group strategic cooperation, set research and development, design, manufacturing as one of the scientific and technological enterprises, the core technology and leading products for the Evaporation & crystallization process equipment, MVR evaporation equipment, other types of evaporators, mold, widely used In environmental engineering, bio-pharmaceutical, chemical smelting, food processing and other fields..

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small machine
If the whole machine can be directly loaded into the container, we will put the whole machine into a wooden box. We will remove the important instrument valves in advance and put them into small boxes to ensure that they will not be damaged during long-distance sea transportation

big capacity machine 
If it is a large production equipment, we will try our best to protect the equipment, wrap it with cloth and put it into the container

Reasonable use of container space to help customers save freight
Forklift to transport goods into containers

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