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Product Overview


Product Description

Product Include

1.Made with environmental ABS material, non-toxic, odorless, healthy and durable.

2.LED phototherapy mask instrument contains 256 lamps positions.

3.7 lights of red,blue,green,yellow,purple,white,and cyan light and can be selected based on your needs.

4.Each light has 10 gears to adjust the light intensity.

5.Each light has a timer function, effective control 5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes.

6.Promote skin metabolism, improve blackheads, tighten pores.

7.Purify the skin breaks down the pigment, dilute the stain.

8.Activate skin collagen secretion, dilute fine lines, tighten skin.

9.No operation, no needle, safe and quick treatment and protection of skin.

10.The mask follows the face contour for a comfortable and suitable wear.

11.Suitable for all skin type.

Light Function
1.Red light(630nm):Increase cell activity, speed up metabolism, and promote collagen formation.

2.Green light(520nm):Neutralization, balance and stability, can reduce skin oil secretion.

3.Blue light(470nm):Bactericidal anti-inflammatory, inhibit inflammation, repair skin.

4.Yellow light(590nm):Improve cell oxygen exchange, replenish energy to skin cells.

5.Purple light:Dual frequency light,repairing acne.

6.Cyan light:Enhances cell energy and promotes metabolism.

7.White light:Improve fine lines and loose skin.


Item Type
LED Mask
100-240V 50/60Hz
12V 1A
LED Light

How to use

Step1:Plug the USB connector at the end of the wire of your LED MASK.
Step2:clean your face ,wait till it dries. This makes it easier for light to penetrate your skin.
Step3:Put on your Mask .You can choose the mode you want and Make sure that you wear it comfortably.
Step4:Turn on your Mask and you will see tinge of red light covering the whole mask.
Note: the light is at low-level intensity. You may close your eyes if you feel like a little unwell.

Packing & Delivery

Package list
1*LED Mask
1*Remote Control

1.Don't watch the LED light source directly in long time.

2.Do not read books,watching television, surf the Internet when you using the photon mask.

3.If use disposable mask or cosmetics together with the LED mask,please choose high quality natural ingredients products.

4.The mask material is medical silicon, which will have some smell after open the package, but smell will disappear very soon.

5.There is LED light sources and PCB board inside of the silicon mask. No fold, no squeeze, no heavy press.

6.Use the LED mask on bed, after you finish treatment put the mask back on the box, no left in on bed.

7.Don't use water to clean the LED mask, no dip into water. Please use wet cloth to clean LED mask.

8.Don't use any chemical liquid to clean the LED mask,and the soften mask.

9.Don't expose to sun light directly.

Tips The effect will better if used with a high quality moisturizing skin care product.

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