Керамический порошок бентонитовой глины высокой белизны

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Product Overview


Ceramic grade high whiteness  bentonite clay powder

1.Product description

Bentonite is a kind of clay mineral with montmorillonite as the main component. It has strong water absorption, it can absorb 8 times of its own volume of water, and it has a volume expansion of 10-30 times. It is suspended and cemented in the aqueous solution. It has grease luster and smooth touch. it Can absorb water to expand and become colloidal shape. If the water  lost after long-term air drying, it can become loose again Because of its strong ion exchange capacity, bentonite can absorb or absorb various colors. Mix it with grease to make it smoother. Its fine powder water suspension has good dispersion and  not easy to precipitate. In oil and gas drilling, mud should be used to cool bit, remove debris, protect well wall and balance ground pressure. Bentonite is an ideal material for drilling mud because of its good dispersibility and large amount of mud.

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 2.Product Specification:

Physical propertiesSodium bentoniteCalcium bentonite
325 mesh pass rate90%90%
Swelling capacity207

CompositionSodium BentoniteCalcium Bentonite


 3.Main Application:

Usage:Casting bentonite: as a binder, adsorbent, suitable for casting, ceramics, environmental governance.
Bentonite for pulping: used as binder, suspension agent and water absorbent, suitable for oil drilling, foundation engineering and construction cement.
Chemical bentonite: as a filler, thickener, suspension agent, decolorizer, used for paper, rubber, paint, ink, daily chemical, paint, textile.
Feed with bentonite: as a binder, adsorbent, used for chicken, duck, goose, fish, pig feed.

 4. About Our factory :

 Lingshou County Jiaqi Mineral Products Processing plant is a processional manufacturer for Non-metallic mineral products.We have more than 10 sets mineral powder processing plants , which can process more than 60 kinds of minerals powders, total can process 50000T mineral products each year our main products are vermiculite ,mica, kieselguhr, bentonite, iron oxide red and so on.Our more than 30 years experience Geological engineer team which know the whole China mineral area very well,to make sure can find the best mineral solution to meet different client different purpose.

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