Pack Hot Sale Heat Seal Laminated Biscuit Packaging Roll Film

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Price:$4.00 - $4.30
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Product Overview


Product name
Biscuit wrapper
A single layer thickness
45 micron
Packing style
The cartons
Specification error
The sealing length
The shape of
Roll of film
Carton weight


Q: Are you a direct manufacturer?
A: Yes, our company Shuangqian has been producing products since 2000 and has 20 years' experience in flexible packaging field.  

Q: Can you ship your products overseas?  
A: All our products are up to EU standards and can be exported to countries all over the world.  

Q:What certificates do you have ?
A: We have iso9001:2015 certification and utility model patent

Q: Do you make custom bags?  
A: Yes, we are OEM and can supply different types of bags.  All specifications, sizes, materials, printing can be customized.

Q: Do you provide printing of the whole bag?  
A: Yes, we print A custom design on the film and then make the film into A molded bag. The customer can put the product into the printed bag.  

Q: What shape of packaging can you make?  
A: We can make vertical bags, flat bags, side sealing bags, three-side sealing bags, middle sealing bags, four-side sealing bags, eight-side sealing bags and so on.  There are zipper, suction nozzle, handle hole, handle button for choice.  

Q: What type of press do you have?  
A: Our presses are high speed gravure presses with speeds up to 300 meters per meter.  Printing is the best.  

Q: How many colors can you print?  
A: We can print up to 10 colors per style, and most styles are about 6-8 colors.  

Q: Can you provide design services?  
A: Yes, we have design teams that can help you make changes or create new designs. 

Q :Do you have other types of packing bags?
A: Yes, our company is specialized in producing all kinds of bags and films, PVC, PE, POF, PET shrink film/bag, stretch film, composite bags, food bags, can meet the requirements of all walks of life plastic packaging.
1.Ask:Why choose us?
Reply:The company is called Shuangqian Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Since its establishment in 2004, the company has been focusing on the research and development and production of various packaging bags. If you have requirements for packaging bags, yes, we are the best Xiudi solution supplier!

2.Ask:How is the product quality?
Reply:The products we produce have to go through more than 20 inspection passes, including but not limited to material selection inspection, appearance inspection, specification inspection, thickness inspection, tension test, impact test, sealing strength inspection, drop test, quantity inspection, packaging inspection, etc. And strictly implement ISO9001/2015 standard.

3.Ask:How to obtain samples?
Reply:If you need samples, you can tell us the specifications and materials, and we will reply to you the specific sample delivery time in the first place. If it is a stretch film or shrink film (bag) product, it will be delivered within 5 days. If it is a composite bag product, it usually takes about 10 days, and the sample is generally not printed. If it needs to be printed, there will be printing fee and proofing fee.

4.Ask:Are samples charged?
Reply:As long as the weight standard does not exceed 5kg, there is no charge in principle, but if printing is needed, there will be a charge, and the main cost is also the printing mold plate fee, which is charged by color, one color is $100, and the Express fee needs to be borne by you. Generally, you will be remitted first, and we will pay to the express company, so that you can receive the sample at the first time.

5.Ask:Is the price favorable?
Reply:First of all, we have to distinguish what the problem is. If it is a product quality problem, unconditional return and exchange! If it is a logistics problem, because we have purchased insurance, we can ask the logistics company for compensation, and we will assist you to obtain compensation.

7.Ask:How long is the production cycle and how long will the goods be received after payment?
Reply:The normal production cycle is about 10-25 days after receiving your deposit to complete the production of the goods, which depends on the quantity, after the goods are finished, we will communicate and deliver the goods the day after you finish the final payment. Of course, it depends on the export method. If it is EXW, the freight forwarder you are looking, we will give the goods to him at the first time. If it is FOB mode, we will contact all the matters during the production process of the goods. After receiving the payment, the containers will be packed and transported to the wharf immediately, once there is a ship, it will be shipped and go to sea. We will give you real-time feedback on this process.

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