Indoor Air quality Carbon dioxixde monitor and controller, CO2 controllers for your Grow Room

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Product Overview



co2 controller for mushroom cultivation, to control the CO2 generation valve/ fan



This SA1600P CO2 monitor and controller offers a simple way to control, monitor and display the CO2 levels in real-time.  Our CO2 monitors help to diagnose the PPM of CO2 in the air and CO2 controllers are capable of maintaining the optimal level of CO2 in your grow area by sensing the PPM of the ambient air then turning your CO2 generator/regulator on and off as needed.  The co2 sensor is designed for indoor carbon dioxide concentration measurement and respective air capacity regulation through the control output signal to the co2 valve. Air capacity control based on CO2 concentration is an efficient energy saving solution. It can use American standard special plug, use alternating current through wall socket board and control other connected social security, such as solenoid valve or exhaust fan of carbon dioxide cylinder. Or use European standard power plug wire to control the connecting equipment.



Greenhouses  wall-mounted Carbon dioxide controller to control CO2 valve and Fan 


This co2 controller couldn't control both fan and co2 valve simutaneously.  It can control the co2 value  or control the fan. ; This funcntion is optional.  When customers make order, please firstly tell our factory which to control.




  •   Large LCD display, Clear display contents for time, date, co2 value reading, center value zoom, working time, interval time and different menu.

  •  Dual Channel Low Drift NDIR Sensor precisely reads CO2 ppm levels, high accurate. Auto calibration

  •   With light sensor, and the switch to control photosensitive sensor. The device would shut off when the lights go off and turn on automatically when the lights on

  •   Glass panel with touch button operation, simple and fashionable, easy to use and setup CO2 controller

  • Fully customizable ppm deadband and CO2 setpoint allow flexibility in programming, can set the center value of CO2 and zone value easily to keep the growing tents environment at a certain range of CO2 value by controlling the co2 generator’s valve.

  •   The remote co2 sensor with light sensor is designed to be waterproof and mounted on the wall inside a closing environment of growing tents with 5 meters cables to connect with the outside main CO2 controller for users to operate easily outside.

  •   Real time display of current CO2 concentration

  •    Simple carbon dioxide area value setting, control the switch of output power supply

  •   Simple working time setting

  • Main controller are with backlight function, can be used in the dark. 


Grow room controller  wall mounted  Carbon dioxide CO2 controller for hydroponic industry 


Technical datasheet




Measured range

(0-10000ppm ) optional


0-3000ppm   ±50ppm+5%reading

≥ 3000ppm  ±50ppm+7%reading

Warm up time

30s (cod start) @ 25℃

Respond  time

63% step changes < 2 min

Or 90% step changes <4.6min.

Operating temperature

32℉--122℉ ( 0℃- 50℃)

Storage temperature

14℉--140℉  (- 10℃- 60℃)

Operating & storage humidity

 5-95% (non condensing)

Instrument size

166 X 45.5 X122 mm

Sensor detection rod

50 X 34.5 X 130mm





Output socket load

5A@ 250VAC (10A@120VAC )


Application :


1.      Carbon dioxide monitoring in factories, workshops, greenhouses, clean rooms and other industries and agriculture.


2.      Family, villa, office building, conference room, classroom and other places need ventilation control and environmental quality monitoring.


3.      Ventilation control and environmental quality monitoring of hotels, exhibition halls, hospitals, shopping malls, bars, restaurants, airports, railway stations, entertainment halls, cinemas and other public places.


4.      Production and use of carbon dioxide gas units. 







Company Information

 Beijing Shi’An Technology Instrument Co., Ltd possesses the ability to design, manufacture and sell gas detection instruments in local and global markets. 


        The gas detection instruments we designed are widely used in petrochemical, municipal environmental protection, coal mine, fire fighting, research labs, beverage, residential places and other natural and wide ranges of industrial environments. Our main products are handheld gas detectors, which can detect and monitor various toxic, VOC, oxygen, combustible and flammable gases’ real-time concentration and provide users detection solution and alarm signals against potential dangers to ensure good air quality and personal safety.

        Our company started with designing and manufacturing plastic enclosures of electric appliances at the outset, from year of 1997, today we not only have our design and development team for plastic enclosure molding&manufacturing, but also for gas detection system instruments. 
We are experienced in customizing different gas detection instruments according to customers’ requirements. 

       Management principle of our company is “Design ability and Technology will lead the trend of our products and future of our company”. 



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