Блок цилиндров MSF-65 запасные части гидравлического насоса

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Please notes this link contains cylinder block.


If you are interested in other parts, please contact us,thanks!




Most replacement parts as below can be provided: 




⊃2; PC30UU   PC40-8   PC45R-8   PC50/56/60     PC60-6/7    PPC120   PC120-6   PC200-2/3/5/6/7/8     PC240-8   PC300-3   PC300-5/6/7   PC320   PC360-7   PC400-3   PC400-5   PC400-6   PC400-7   PC450   PC650   PC1250 


⊃2; HPV35   HPV55   HPV90   HPV95   HPV132   HPV160   HPV135   HPV220-8


⊃2; KMF40,  KMF90,  KYB87,  KYB90,  MSG-60




⊃2; K3V   K5V   K7V   NV   K3SP   KVC   MX   MAG   M2X   M5X   LZV   SERIES 




⊃2; GM05VL   GM06VL   GM05VA   GM07VA   GM08   GM09   GM10   GM17   GM18   GM23   GM30H   GM35VA   GM35VL   GM38VB   DNB08






⊃2; EX400-5   EX60-2/3    HMGC16   HMGC32   HMGC35   ECT




⊃2; VRD63   CAT120   SBS80 /120  CAT312C   E200B   AP-12/14    ECT








PSVD2 SERIES  KYB-25CC   IHI45   IHI60   PSVL-54   PSVK2-25   KMF40   KMF40-2   KMF90   KPV90   KMF105   KYB33   KYB36   KYB37   KYB87   MSG-60P   MSG-27P   LSGMF27   MSG-44P   LSGMF44   MAG-33VP   NSF-85

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Products are suitable for excavators, pavingmachines, injection molding machines, rollers, concrete pump truck, concrete mixers, presses, cranes machinery, ceramics machinery, steel, machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, shipbuilding, machinery, mining and metallurgy machinery, such as hydraulic equipment ......



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