Steak like Huang you xiang rock candy flavored pastry branded by Qinyi Foods

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Product Overview


Product Description

Natural raw materials, fresh and healthy, soft and sweet.

Traditional crafts.
Soft and sweet.
Sweet but not greasy.

Strictly selected raw materials, peace of mind.
Selected high-quality raw materials, traditional methods, a century of inheritance.

Premium glutinous rice.

Choose the fragrance of high-quality Chinese glutinous rice, white and delicate, fragrant and sticky.

Farm Soybeans
Choose farm soybeans, non-GMO soybeans, delicate fragrance, rich flavor.
Selected rock candy
High-quality old rock candy, pure natural, pure quality, sweet and delicious.

Product information, as follows.
Specializing in Huangba for more than ten years, Guizhou traditional snack HUANGYOUXIANG HUANGBA pastry


Product content: 528g

Place of Origin: Bijie, Guizhou

Shelf life: 10 months at room temperature

Product ingredients: glutinous rice, soybeans, rock sugar

Product Features Delicious Moments
Glutinous rice cakes, delicious, non-sticky, unique, soft and glutinous

Single piece of independent vacuum packaging, convenient and quick, dismantle as much as you eat.
Golden color, fragrant, delicious, and endless aftertaste.
Soft and sweet, sweet but not greasy, nutritious and healthy, healthy and safe.

Unique flavor, various ways of eating
Vacuum packaging, rest assured and healthy, a bite, a long aftertaste.

Steamed:Steam it for 10 minutes and it can be eaten after steaming. It is easy to use and keep the original taste of the food.

Frying: Put a little oil in the pan, turn it over a low fire, fry or deep-fry, crisp on the outside, tender on the inside, full of aroma.

Fire roasting: slowly turn and roast on a low fire until it becomes soft. It is delicious in winter, which is the taste of childhood.

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Company Profile

Company Advantage
For our flagship product Huangba, we have our own production line, and we can control the delivery time and after-sales processing of orders by ourselves. If you have any questions, we can provide you with professional answers as soon as possible. We are the source factory of Huangba Foods, so you can get a more favorable price than in the market!



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A) Sampling time?
Existing projects: within 7 days.

B) Can you put our brand on your products?
Yes. If you can meet our MOQ, we can print your logo on the product and packaging.

C) How to ensure the quality of your products?
1) Strict testing during the production process.
2) Carry out strict random inspections on the products before shipment to ensure that the product packaging is intact.

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