China Factory Transparent Pvc Stretch Film Flexible Pvc Normal Clear Film

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Product Overview


Ldpe Roll Clear Jumbo Roll Stretch Film

11 Years Factory
Our Advantages:
We are the professional certified facility make the Plastic bags, Plastic films, Packing tapes & straps products.
We have professional engineer team with more than 10 years experience in customized orders.
We have separate purchase and shipping department that can make work become more efficient.
Use the good raw material to make the high quality products.
Excellent quality control of the production, careful inspection the products before delivery, protect your business.
Over 10 years experience of formulation design the Custom packaging & private label.
Experienced in exportation and OEM/ODM customized order, one-stop service, market worldwide.
24 hours service, reply you soon.
Welcome to visit our factory any time!

Products Description

Multifunction, More sizes more Choices: We offer a versatile stretch film that can be used for moving, storage, and protecting any of your household items, a wide variety of application.
Best Stretch Ability: Our Wrap Film Extra Thick and tough​, Superior stretch, most durable packaging stretch film, excellent
elasticity, easy to unwrap, Self Adhering Shrink Wrap Film. The more you stretch, the more adhesive is activated.
Industrial Stretch Wrap: This stretch film Made from puncture resistant plastic to wrap and hold items securely
High Quality Grade A Plastic materials: We only use top quality first rate materials. Our stretch film is clear, never cloudy from using recycled weaker materials.
Save More Money: A perfect economical alternative to stretch film, it is more economical and easier to use than other materials such as tapes, straps, etc.

Product Name
Packing Wrapping Plastic Stretch Film Jumbo Roll
Tensile strength
≥38Mpa for 19 mic, ≥39Mpa for 25mic, ≥40Mpa for 35mic, ≥41Mpa for 50mic
Elongation at break
Angle tear strength
Pendulum ability
≥0.15J for 19 mic, ≥0.46J for 25mic, ≥0.19J for 35mic, ≥0.21J for 50mic
Light Transmission
≥92% for 19 mic, ≥91% for 25mic, ≥90% for 35mic, ≥89% for 50mic
Base on the material,size,quantity
film strech sample is free, but the buyer should afford the shipping freight
Lead Time
Around 5-15 working days according to the order quantity

Tips for choosing stretch film
1. Take a good look at the type of cargo that needs to be packed: does it already have some degree of stability or not at all?
2. Does the load have sharp or protruding corners?
3. Are there any special requirements with regard to UV resistance or frozen products?
4. Which wrapping machine is used and what is its stretch percentage?
5. What is the output of your production process? If it is very high, then the choice for the thicker stretch film might be more obvious.
6. Request a free audit. We analyse your process and come up with a complete advice.

Our The stretch film is made of high-quality LDPE material, has good transparency, strong streching force, toughness, puncture resistance, and high resilience.
Plastic Wrapping 100% Clean Removal: Forget about shrink packaging pallet wraps which stick on your furniture causing damage or leave a residue on your items. This top notch stretch film pallet wrap clings to itself without leaving adhesives, assuring a 100% clean removal.
moving plastic stretch film wrap: The fact that it is clear allows you to effortlessly keep track of what each package contains, helping you save time and turn moving into an easy task. Boxes, Blankets and Shrink Wrap roll can not be missing in your moving, shipping and packing supplies

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Packing & Delivery

Company Profile

was established in 2013, in Guangzhou China. We are a comprehensive enterprise integrating the design, production, processing and distribution of the Plastic bags, Plastic films, Packing tapes & straps... Our factory covers an area of over 5000 square meters, with advanced production equipments, professional technical personnel and a modern management team. Through more than ten years' development, CUHOON has become one of the most reputable packing products enterprises in China. CUHOON has always been insisting on the quality standard of "high standard, refinement, zero-defect and strict production & processing flow from high grade material selection, technique to structure and quality check". Each step is orderly, and each procedure is checked strictly by professional technicians to ensure that our products quality will always meet customers' requirements. At the same time, by paying close attention to the production management and service awareness, we have formed scientific values of "people foremost, regard factory as home, integrity first, take value creation as pride", and these have motivated each employee's greatest potential and promoted our team's cooperative spirit. They have constantly improved themselves to create first rate job performance, making our products be well received by the market. CUHOON has established long-term cooperative relationships with a number of well-known large enterprises for excellent quality, high cost performance and
good service. At here, CUHOON wishes to make persistent efforts for all the new and old customers in the world.

Products Show

Types of stretch film
Hand-wrapping and machine-wrapping films

There are basically two types of stretch film: Hand-wrapping film stretch and Machine wrap film Rolls of hand-wrapping film are smaller and lighter because they are wrapped around a pallet by hand.This stretch film is often used in situations where the complexity of the load is limited and no large number of pallets need to be wrapped.
As the name suggests, machine wrap film is wrapped around a pallet with a machine.There is a great variety in machines brands and types. All with specific settings and output. Experience a better, all-purpose, heavy duty, industrial strength while you wrap your pallets, furniture, books and almost any item!
Do you need wrapping solution for moving, packaging, shelving or shipping?
Well, these heavy duty, industrial strength stretch wraps by Simply Cool are your solution.
Our stretch wrap rolls keep items safe from external impacts like heat, cold, rain, dust and dirt. Not only that, our shrink wrap has glossy and slippery outer surfaces onto which dust and dirt can`t cling. Plastic wrap prevents sticking of pallets to each other.
Clear and durable
The film is transparent, light, economic and endurable to all weather conditions. Stretch plastic wrap can be used to pack all kinds of products and provides secure, thick wrapping.
Flexible & multi-purpose
Thanks to its flexibility; the shrink wrap is not affected by protruding and sharp corners. There’s no need for ropes or straps. This gives you great universal use, meaning you can wrap almost anything with our multi-purpose stretch wrap. This banding film is safe and cheap to use in packing bottled products.


Professional certified facility make the Plastic bags, Plastic films, Packing tapes & straps products
Use good material; Well-equipped facilities; Quality is first; Customer is supreme;Soon delivery...

Customer Review

Top reviews

Good product for our warehouse
We order the Stretch Film at least twice a month. We use this product rather than local supply company who charges more. I am leery about auto order.

Marianna Barbarash
Great product, it made my move so much easier!
Amazing product! Thick, high-quality moving wrapping Stretch Film, My family advised I get this to make the move easier. The movers gave me a discount since everything was ready to go when they arrived! Held up really well considering it's already getting cold outside and sooo much of the Stretch Film wrap was left over! Highly recommended, couldn't be more pleased!

Robert J.
Once you try it, you’ll find endless storage uses
Great price and very useful for wrapping items to move.. I am a stretch wrap film addict now, almost as useful as zip ties in the grand scheme of things..

Arkadiy Tkach
I am really happy I took the chance
I am really happy I took the chance. This stretch film is nice and durable, much longer than the other rolls I've previously purchased. It performed flawlessly to help me secure all my furniture. Highly recommended product! A+

As described.
Stretch Film in general is amenable to deceptive advertising throughout the Internet. This product from this vendor appears to be honest depiction of what you're getting. Best way to figure out that you're NOT being cheated is weight. I weighed the product and it was accurate. The two blue spinners are an added bonus. I recommend this product to the consumers out there.

Best Stretch Wrap Ever Used Plus Extra Handles
I am a moving company and use stretch wrap film, bubble wrap for my customer. I bought this stretch because the review. Many Amazon sellers are selling same item, but when you receive them, they are completely different story. Weight is incorrect, length is not 1500ft, or wide is not 18inch or 15inch. However, this stretch wrap has none of those problems.
Everything as describe and also came with handles to use.
I recommended this product and will purchase more in the future.

Luci Moholia
Good quality, fast delivery.
Will buy again as the foil is good quality and it fits the dispenser we have.
Delivery was fast.

Excellent Wrap and Size
I used this for a cross-country move and compared to pre-stretched wraps, I like that this wrap could offer a tight pull on corners of furniture. It never tore while going over furniture or boxes without intending to and left a protective layer on wood pieces with just two overlapped layers.
Part of the reason I bought this brand (instead of from Lowe's or Home Depot) is that it was cheaper per sqft for similar quality. Note that at 1100 sqft it is less than a lot of rolls which is why the price is so low, but it's still a better value when compared overall and factoring in the need to buy more. If you buy the 4 pack, you're even better off. Ultimately, I bought this roll despite needing to buy more rolls because of the price, but I actually liked these with less because it was lighter and easier to maneuver with one hand. After moving 7 times and using all kinds of stretch wrap, I now realize that a bigger roll may be enough for all your possessions, but multiple smaller rolls are the way to go for ease of wrapping.

Melissa Pierson
Just perfect
Nothing to say: This is a strong film stretch wrap, easy to use, nice and clear.
We loved it. Made our lives easy and worked perfectly well. Would recommend !
One person found this helpful

Good Accessory for Packing
This plastic wrap serves a purpose for larger items when moving. You can wrap things with wrapping paper, but this makes everything a tighter fit without loose ends. I do wish it could stretch a little more, but it does stick well against itself as it advertises. It is large and awkward to use starting with a fresh roll unless you are using both hands. I used on smaller items so had to hold item and wrap at same time. For larger pieces like furniture should be no problem. Minimizes
scratching if you make a few wraps. If it is really a nice item, I would use bubble wrap first, then stretch wrap.

Good Quality Stretch Film
Good quality film. It unrolls smoothly, stretches nicely, sticks to its self well and is strong.

Honestly I’ve never used industrial plastic wrap like this before but IT IS GREAT! I have had no problems with it, it sticks to itself really well but you can also pull it off of itself without too much hassle. It’s super strong - hasn’t ripped on me at all after using it for about 4 hours wrapping my furniture. This is a great buy and just what I was looking for - it has been perfect for me!

Doug Of Texas
Yep, It Works
It’s wrap for protecting items from scratch. Good quality. It’s working as advertised.

Sticky wrap
This plastic really works. It's good for wrapping your furniture such as chairs, tables, TV, and items you don't want damaged during a move. It was worth the money and I would definitely buy it again.

Plenty of material
Very strong, easy to use and plenty for a one bedroom one bath house.

Great value and the material is great.
These rolls work great. A great value for the money.


What is stretch film used for?
Stretch wrap is a thin, stretchable plastic film (typically made from polyethylene) that is used to lock and secure cased goods onto a pallet. As the stretch film is wrapped around the pallet, tension is applied, enabling the film to extend its length by up to 300%.

What is the difference between stretch film and shrink film?
Stretch wrap is a stretchable plastic that is wrapped tightly around a load of products. The elasticity of the stretch wrap is
what keeps the load together. In contrast, shrink wrap can be loosely applied to a product and will shrink to securely cover the product once heat is applied.

How does stretch film work?
Stretch wrap or stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film that is wrapped around items. The elastic recovery keeps the items tightly bound. In contrast, shrink wrap is applied loosely around an item and shrinks tightly with heat.

Is stretch film waterproof?
It's fairly waterproof and transparent, which means you can easily see your stock. Shrink wrap uses heat to shrink the plastic around the product, whereas stretch wrap — also known as stretch film — is stretched over the pallet.

What is the strongest film stretch wrap?
Ninety-gauge is considered the starting point for heavy-gauge stretch wrap, which tend to much stronger and more resistant to punctures, tears and other damage. Typically, 90-gauge film is rated for loads up to 2,600 lbs.

How do you make a stretch film?
Blown stretch film is made by blown extrusion. The thermoplastic material is melted, emerges through a circular die, and a large bubble of air is blown inside. The volume of the bubble and the thickness of the extruded tube determine the thickness of the material.

How to choose the right film stretch?
Choosing the right type of film stretch can be a difficult task. There are many different types of stretch film, each with a
different type of property. In addition, stretch films are available in different thicknesses. In the articles below you will
learn which film is best used to create optimal pallet stability.

What do you use to shrink wrap when moving?
Shrink wrap can help you pack all kinds of awkward items for moving.
keep smaller moving boxes stacked together;
keep furniture parts together; stack small items (such as silverware, office materials, etc.) ...
bundle up bed rails, curtain rods, mops, and other long awkward items;

Why would you want to use stretch wrap for moving?
Plastic wrap – also commonly referred to as stretch wrap or shrink wrap – is one of the most essential packing supplies to have at hand when preparing your items for moving.
Plastic stretch wrap is extremely versatile – it can protect furniture from scratches and scuffs, keep dust and dirt away from your belongings, bundle items together, secure loose cords and wires, keep protective wrappings in place, prevent spills, etc.
Despite how thin it is, stretch wrap (and especially professional-grade moving wrap) is quite strong and tear-resistant, so it can withstand a lot of tension and keep your items (even large and heavy ones) protected during the entire moving process.
Packing plastic wrap is safe for your items and easy to use – it sticks to itself, but not to surfaces (as, unlike packing tape, it has no adhesive backing), so it won’t leave a sticky residue or cause any other damage to the delicate surface of your furniture and other household items. Due to its clingy nature, stretch wrap can be a little tricky to apply, but it’s quite straightforward to use and very easy to remove.
Plastic wrap is inexpensive and available in various sizes,so you can easily find the most appropriate type of cling wrap for your packing needs and get as much of it as necessary.
Packing wrap is recyclable, so you don’t need to worry about the environmental impact of your move.

stretch film and loads
Which stretch film do you use for which load?
Often only a distinction is made between light, medium and heavy loads. In our experience, however, there are several factors that need to be taken into account. An important question, for example, is whether a load already has a certain stability or not.
For instance a pallet with toilet paper and a pallet with bottles of soft drinks. The former itself has much less stability than the latter. Another important factor is the wrapping machine that is used; what is the stretch ability and what is the speed. Sometimes the speed of the wrapping process can demand a thicker stretch film in order to guarantee the high output. Many factors play a role in choosing the right type of strech film. We will be happy to advise you on this.

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