Автоматическая вертикальная упаковочная машина для наполнения мешков в пакетах, машина для наполнения и запечатывания мешков в пакетах

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Price:1 100,00 $ - 1 300,00 $
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Product Overview



Back-seal packaging, valve plug
pump filling and metering
Film sterilization, liquid material
The finished product bag is exquisite and reliable, hygienic and safe
Assemble the photoelectric control device to ensure the integrity of the packaging bag pattern
Automatically complete bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting,printing batch number
The shell and material contact parts are made of stainless steel

Machine Specifications

Film Developed Width (mm)
380/460 mm
Packing capacity(ml)

Packing speed(bags/hour)
1500-2000 Bags/H
1000-1500 Bags/H
2.5 KW
Overall Dimension(mm)
350 KG
400 KG


Soy milk


01.How to start a sachet pure water business?
According to reports, the production of sachet pure water in Africa started in the late 90s and
today the advancement in scientific technology has made sachet water production one of the
fastest growing industries in Africa. Pure water is in high demand in homes, schools, institutions offices, churches, hospitals,public gatherings, etc.
As long as you can find humans there, water is needed.So staring a sachet pure water business
can be very lucrative and the opportunity in the industry is endless and open to any say

Steps to start a sachet pure water business:
1. Please Click "Send Inquiry" ,We will provide you with the best solution for you.
2. Prepare enough funds and deliver enough trust to us.

02.Mingstar economic analysis of sachet water plant cost?
Packaged Water into plastic bags and produced the sachet water, can be a very profitable business while invest is very low. The most important thing is the cost of produce the water bags and the bag water selling price. It is the cheapest cost way to package water do to the amount of plastic used. The average cost to produce a bag water with a size of 500-600 ml is less than $0.01 (USD) with a wholesale price of ranging from $0.02 to $0.10. This is a very good markup with over 100% profit margin, and is most successful when selling in bulk to make a good profit. In many Developing country countries. There is a very high demand for safe drinking water and sachet water is the best solution to provide safe drinking water at an affordable price. The key to having a successful sachet water filling plant is to be located in an area with a population of over 25-30,000 people that lack safe drinking water. The bags water do contain a smaller amount of water than most bottled water so people will need to buy more bags.
Because the cost is low it is a product that most people can easily afford and will buy. In areas with a larger population there are water bagging or sachet water plant that are making profits well over 100,000. USD. Establishing a bagged water plant caneasily be a very profitable business with low start up costs!

Our products are delivered directly from the manufacturer to the seller, eliminating the intermediate price difference.

Right side

45 °
Left side

Our stock

Forming device

Easy Changing by Film width,
Film Fast once forming.

Vertical sealing

Pure copper heats up quickly.
Good thermal conductivity, zero

Coding part

Ribbon and steel stamp are available.
Can be equipped with a ribbon.

Sealing and Cutting

Pure copper heats up quickly, the
seal is beautiful and firm.

One-way valve

Fast suction, with a check valve device, no material will be stopped when the machine stops.

Control Panel

Humanized design control panel, easy to operate Adjust temperature,
automatic counting, germicidal
lamp, etc.

Temperature control

The quality is more stable than ordinary temperature controllers, and can be set with small deviations.


The parts contacting the bag are made of stainless steel 304,It is corrosion resistant.
High temperature resistance,
And it has a long service life.

Mingstar has supplied bottling, labeling and packing equipment for water, soft drinks, wines, spirits, juice and edible oil since 2011. 9 years of focused experience.
we solve problems. we listen to our clients, as technical advisors and deliver customised solutions tailored to your specific production requirements. our vast worldwide experience in Filling and Packaging of liquid products offers you a chance to tap into our extensive databank of project management and technical knowledge.

※In order to ensure the accuracy of each part, we are equipped with a variety of professional processing equipment.
※Each component before assembly needs strictly control by inspecting personnel.
※Each assembly is in charged by a master who has working experience for more than 6 years.
※After all the machines are completed, we will connect them together and run the full production line
for at least 12 hours to ensure the stable running in clients' factory.
※We offer whole filling line testing production service in our factory for hours by request.

※Two years warranty after receiving the equipment . Free spare parts and technical supports.
※New client guarantee programme offers longer warranty and customized after service.
※Local after service network is under construction.
※Annual engineer visiting for diagnosis and updating service.

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