Stainless Steel 500L 1000L Glycol Water Tank is specially used for Beer Brewing Equipment (1600378756541)

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The beer refrigeration system plays a pivotal role in the entire beer brewing process. It is mainly used to cool down the saccharified wort and fermentation. The refrigerators used in our factory are from well-known domestic brands, with stable performance, strong cooling effect and low accident rate. The optimized configuration of the refrigeration system can greatly reduce the energy loss and ensure the stable operation of beer brewing.

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A Complete Set of glycol water System will include below components
Glycol Water Tank
Glycol Water Pump
Glycol Water Cooling Pipeline

If you want to have reliable temperature control over your fermentation and storage temperatures, we recommend looking into a complete glycol system for your beer.

When will you need the glycol system?
1. Wort production:
Going through the plate heat exchanger could be one of your glycol loops or a line from a cold liquor tank that is chilled via your glycol chiller.
2. Fermentation:
During this step, yeast will begin to consume sugars and release heat as a result.
Like an anxious driver flooring the gas pedal, this can lead to overheating during the process.
Carry glycol system will help put on the brakes, letting you have better control of internal temperatures and fermentation as a whole, and giving you more quality control over your beer.

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Fermentation tanks will generate a lot of heat when the yeast undergoes aerobic and anaerobic reactions. The increase in temperature will affect the activity of the yeast. Therefore, maintaining a proper temperature is an important factor in ensuring the taste of the beer. The refrigeration system and the fermentation tank form a perfect partner to solve this problem, so they are inseparable.

Installed picture of Plate heat exchanger
there are 2 types of PHE:
A - Single stage (cold water VS wort)
B - Double stage (Glycol water VS wort VS tap water)

Company Information

Carry Brewtech has been supplying all kinds of customized Brewhouse, Fermenter, Bright tank, brewery auxiliaries and system turnkey solutions to more than 800 customers all over the world, industries including Beer, Kombucha, Wine, Gin, Rum.
With continuous R&D, innovative, value driven, you'll be served by the most cost-effective and suitable custom solution from our knowledgeable team.
Carry Brewtech takes pride in supplying the right equipment, training and service for your Industry. No matter how small or large your business is!


Product packaging

1. Wooden case for LCL;
2. Plastic film wrapped and iron frame fixing for FCL
3. All tanks will be packaged with soft protection material and mounted on strong carbon steel frame
4. All accessories and spare parts will be packaged with seperated box.
5. After loaded into containers, all equipment will be well fixed to the containers.

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