50% Off Hair Color Manufacturers 100g Multi Colors Low Ammonia Professional Permanent Hair Dye Cream (1600379543815)

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Product Overview


The colors choice for young!

Product Description

Harajuku style:
Cool, self, show your inner uniqueness with color mashup.
Harajuku-style hair tends to be gradual, and the combination of color and visual effects is a major feature of Harajuku style.
Because street culture gives people a cool feeling, basically all the cool colors are suitable for Harajuku style.

Details for You

Product Type:
Hair Dye Color Cream
Main Ingredient:
Synthetic Spermaceti, Lanolin, Dye
Color Cream
PPD free, Super Pure Color, Weak Alkaline, Long Lasting, Stable, 
This Color Cream is for Professional Only.

1. Wash the hair with Moisture Recovery Shampoo and SUPER TOUCH HAIR CONDITIONER. Hair that has recently been moistened and conditioned is more able to absorb new color than dry, brittle hair. Brush the hair after wash it so you have tangle-free tresses to work with.

2. Divide the hair into four or more sections.

3. Mix the dye cream with the suit* Cream Developer (1:1).
*The volume of the developer depends on the hair quality and the target color.

4. Leave the mixed cream sit on the hair for about 30mins. If the room temperature is too low, should use heating to ensure the effect.

5. Rinse your hair with warm water. Suggest to use the Deep Repair Hair Mask after dyeing.

1. Should take the allergy tested before use.

2. Do not use in dyeing eyelashes, eyebrows and other body areas.

3. Do not use on broken scalp. Avoid to apply on the scalp.

4. Wash hands thoroughly after use.

5. External use only.

6. Keep out of children.
Capacity & Package:
100ml/PCS, 80PCS/CTN, 
Master Box Size:41*35*21cm


Lanolin is a waxy substance that is produced by wool bearing animals.
Esters found in lanolin make it hold water pretty well without dissolving in it.
This trapping of water is what helps lanolin oil moisturize natural hair. Lanolin oil also can penetrate skin cells. It traps water in the cells preventing water loss.

Synthetic Spermaceti
Spermaceti It's an oily substance from the whale, and it helps creams to glide on more smoothly, as well as softening the skin.
It's also very similar in composition to human skin oils, so it's readily absorbed and very effective as a moisturizer.

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100ml/PCS, 10PCS/Sets
Master Box Size: 41*35*21cm
Loading Quantity Reference
1*20GP: 920CTN @7360Sets


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