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Product Overview


!!!The price is only for reference. The real price will decided by the exact solution. Pls contact us to know more details.

Product Description

Guangdong Automatic Baked Potato Chips Making Machine Manufacturer Crisp Sweet Potato Biscuit Production Line

We are providing high quality soft and hard biscuits production line since 1994.
Machine using famous brand components:
1) AC Motors and gear box are imported brand SEW / SIEMENS
2) Industrial Bearings are Japanese brand NSK.
3) Cylinders are Korean brand YSC.
4) Electrical Units are French brand SCHNEIDER / SIEMENS.
5) Guarantee period of 12 months.

A whole line consists of:
1.Horizontal dough mixer 150-750kg/batch;500kg Vertical dough mixer
2.Tilting machine
3.Auto dough feeding system
4.Metal detector
5.Laminator/overlapping machine
6.Gauge rollers(standard line includes 3 sets)
7.Dough relaxing machine
8.Rotary cutter
9.Separating machine
10.Side type scrap return system
11.Sugar sprinkler
12.Enter oven machine
13.Oven drive and belt tension system
14.Oven(Gas,electric and diesel oven can be provided)
Length is depends on the capacity(capacity option:150-3000kg/h)
15.Out-oven machine
16.Oil sprayer
17.180 degree plane turning conveyor
18.Cooling conveyor
19.Star wheel stacker
20.Packing table

2020 Latest technology biscuit machine for hard biscuit, cracker biscuit, animal biscuit, number biscuit, etc
It can be customize according the customer requires. The dough can be fed from second floor or same floor.
If you need to make soft biscuits,a dough feeding system for soft biscuit dough and rotary moulder are needed.

To make a various of tasty biscuits, you can equip your production line with salt & sugar sprinkler, egg sprayer, egg painter, printing machine etc. And oven can bake raw biscuit pieces into delicious food. You can choose different types of ovens to bake different biscuits.
Capacity(for reference):

Working width(mm)&length of oven
400(below 15m)
below 150
600(below 30m)
below 500
1000(above 30m)
above 500
1200(above 30m)
above 600

Above capacity data is only for reference. Capacity is influenced by many factors, like:recipe,baking time,baking temperature and so on.Above dates are just for reference. Pls let us know the capacity you need and your factory size to make a suitable solution for you.

Horizontal dough mixer: --vertical mixer, horizontal dough mixer, different mixers are provided for different dough.

Features: This type of mixer is suitable for both soft and hard biscuit dough.

We have 50,150,250,350,750kg types for your choose.

Tilting machine
Tilting machine is used to pour the dough into the hopper of the dough feeding system.
We have 500kg/time and 1000kg/time for your choose.

Dough feeding system with metal detector
Auto Dough feeding system is used for cutting the dough into small pieces and sending them to the feeding machine(overlapping machine, three roll sheeter, rotary moulder etc.). Automatic feeding.

Metal detector is fixed up on the Dough feeding system, Metal Detector is designed for checking the metal particles in the mixed dough. 

Hard and soft biscuit forming parts
We provide different solutions according to the type of dough and the space of workshop.This production line has three standard width: 1000mm,1200mm and 1500mm. Capacity: 500-3000kg/h (depend on the length of oven and different products)

For 400 and 600mm model, compact soft and hard biscuit forming machine are suggested, and the oven length is below 30m we suggest.

Oven belt drive and tension machine
mainly provide motive power to oven belt,drive the mesh belt,the mesh belt can be tensioned and offset adjusted automatically. It has functions such as mesh belt cleaning and power cut automatic UPS device. It includes oven drive and oven driven--two set of it before oven and after oven.
For steel band oven, the oven drive comes with an oil device.

Tunnel oven
Gas,electrical and diesel ovens.can be chose – depending on your products.All ovens are pre-manufactured and supplied in 3meters per section or each independent temperature zone has built up before shipment.

Out oven machine
Out oven conveyor is neccessary device to convey the baked biscuits to cooling conveyor

Cooling and stacking parts
Staright type cooling conveyor or Z type cooling conveyor, penny stacker or star wheel stacker can be choosed according to your biscuits and your factory size.

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