Factory price ZYTT especially for textile raising machine finishing equipment for most of fabrics

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Price:$15,000.00 - $18,000.00
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Brief Introduction
The man-machine interface is controlled by touch screen, and the operator is more intuitive than that; Variable frequency control system is adopted for traction, forward needle and reverse needle. The adjustment range is large. PLC control is adopted. 500 sets of process parameters are stored. The fuzzing zero point parameters are automatically calculated and the belt system is replaced.

This machine can be used as araising machine fabric inspection and also as a raising machine cleaning . We can provide you with gear type raising machine and standing adjustable lateral raise machine. We can also provide different styles of raise machine according to your needs.

Machine Specification & Advantages

 Line Speed
0~1000 M/Min
 Max. Tension of Line
750 N
 Braking Torque
Beam up/down
 Pneumatic Control
 Beam loose/tight
  Pneumatic Control
 Diameter of Speed Roller
 Power of Main Motor
 Monitoring Way
 Immediate Monitor by Microcomputer Controlled Touch Screen
Pressure of Pneumatic Source
6 Bar

Advantage 1
The roller shaft of the roughing machine is enlarged, the bearing capacity is strong, and the needle roller belt is under tension

Advantage 2
The machine is equipped with quick change belt system, multi-functional distribution and 8 spare belts

Advantage 3
The belt is completely relaxed during shutdown, which is convenient to clean up broken cloth, safe and efficient

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