Аппарат для изготовления крема для кожи, аппарат для смешивания крема, вакуумный эмульгирующий смеситель, гомогенизатор

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Product Overview


Stainless Steel Reverse Osmosis Salt Water Desalination Treatment Machine For Drinking


Reverse osmosis refers to the separation of water from the solution by applying a pressure higher than the osmotic pressure of the solution after water has penetrated into a special translucent membrane. According to the different osmotic pressure of various materials, the reverse osmosis process can be carried out at a pressure higher than the osmotic pressure to achieve the purpose of separation, extraction, purification and concentration of a certain solution. It does not require heating, and there is no phase change process; therefore, it can save more energy than traditional processes.

Capacity (T/H)
First Stage Pure Water Conductivity
Second Pure Water Conductivity
 EDI Pure Water Conductivity
≤10 μ s/cm
2-3 μ s/cm
≤0.5 μ s/cm
≤10 μ s/cm
2-3 μ s/cm
≤0.5 μ s/cm
≤10 μ s/cm
2-3 μ s/cm
≤0.5 μ s/cm
≤10 μ s/cm
2-3 μ s/cm
≤0.5 μ s/cm
≤10 μ s/cm
2-3 μ s/cm
≤0.5 μ s/cm

There are five filtration stages for reverse osmosis (EDI, UV sterilization and ozone reactors can be customized according to customer use)
1. Quartz sand filter:
The quartz sand filter can remove different types of particles, such as suspended solids (turbidity), colloidal compounds, etc., to ensure that the TDS of the filtered water is less than 5. Reduce the burden of the back-end fine filter.
2. Activated carbon filter:
Activated carbon filter can remove organic matter and heavy metal elements, suspended solids, residual chlorine, etc. It can effectively reduce the COD content and improve the taste of water.
3. Safety filter (micron filter):
The safety filter can filter most of the particles in the water, thereby reducing the load of the reverse osmosis membrane.
4,5: Primary and secondary reverse osmosis system (RO):
The reverse osmosis system is a key part of the water treatment system and is widely used to produce pure water and drinking water. When the RO membrane is located on one side of the selective membrane, many types of macromolecules and ions can be removed from the solution by applying pressure to the solution. The result is solutes such as iron, viruses, bacteria, and solids.

Company Profile

Qihang is a complete equipment manufacturer specializing in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, daily chemical and other industries.
The main products are vacuum homogenizing emulsifier, reverse osmosis water treatment equipment, filling machine, mixer, packaging
machine, labeling machine, capping machine and storage tank, etc.The factory has a history of more than ten years. Our company is
committed to bringing customers a professional and excellent product experience, customer recognition is our driving force for
continuous improvement.

Our Factory



Q1: Are you a factory or trading company?
A1: We are a factory specialized in cosmetic, food, pharmacy,and daily chemical industry. Such as,reverse osmosis water treatment, shampoo and liquid soap mixers , vacuum homogenization emulsifying machine, storage tank, filling and other packing machines.

Q2: What’s your guarantee or the warranty of the quality if we buy your machines?
A2: We offer you high quality machines with 1 year guarantee and supply life-long technical support.

Q3: Where is your factory location? How can I visit there?
A3: Our factory is located in Jiangsu, China, welcome to visit us at any time. You can take the plane to Shanghai and then take the highway to Zhenjiang Station(1 hour), then we will pick u up.

Q4: How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A4: Quality is priority. We always attach great importance to quality controlling from the beginning to the end. We support to inspect machine before shipment. 

Q5: How about the after service?
A5: There’s no problem we could send our engineer to install or fix the machine locally in due course but customer need to pay the round air tickets cost and arrange the hotel accommodation for our engineer.

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