Super White Frits Glaze Porcelain Enamel Coating

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Product Overview


White cover coat porcelain enamel frit for enamel cookware

Product Description

Nolifrit Cover Coat Porcelain Enamel Frit Features:
1, It has good opacity and glossiness, fine surface.
2, It’s of good physicochemical properties as acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance and waterproof.
3, It’s of good mechanical properties as elasticity and abrasive resistance.
4, Colorful cover coat have good-looking colors and stable hue.

Steel Plate Cover Coat Porcelain Enamel Frit Usage Introduction:
Nolifrit cover coat frit have good opacity and glossiness with clean and fine surface, it can’t be coated directly on metal body,
it requires the matched ground coat frits. The firing temp of cover coat frit is lower than that of ground coat frit.

Milling Ratio of Titanium cover coat porcelain enamel frit:

Enamel frit
Potassium Chloride
Enamel Slurry Fineness
150mesh(1-1.5g residues/100ml)
Specific Gravity

Enamel Solutions

For enamel coating problems, you must be troubled!

Bad Surface Appearance
Black dot on white cover coat
Weak Adhesion
Low impact resistance, easily broken
Fish-scale problem

For bad enamel coating, Nolifrit can help you!

No black dot
Strong adhesion
No fish-scale

Customer Evaluations

Professional BBQ Manufacturer in North America Mr. Jacky .Carl
We bought from Ferro(USA) before, and we started to try Nolifrit 10 years ago, then I never going to change supplier again. Nolifrit enamel frit quality stable , and their technical support without any delay. The most important is that they help us to save more than 20% enamel raw material cost, which makes us more competitive in the market.

The Most Famous Cast Iron Enamel Cookware Manufacturer in Europe Ms. Rose . Diane
We used pigments from Ferro and Pemco before, 3 years ago we placed a trial order from Nolifrit for Cadmium red pigment. We tested their Cadmium red pigment and see it has very strong coloring power. With price lower about 40%, it can fully replace the formersupplier’s pigment. Now we are thinking about to expand the business cooperation with Nolifrit, not only for their pigments but also their cast iron enamel frits.

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Enamel Applications

Nolifrit enamel frit can be widely used in medium and high end domestic cookwares; BBQ oven, grill and enamel bathtub; Enamel household appliances, oven and water heater tank; Enamel panels for construction and subway; Air pre-heater, heat exchanger, Enamel reactor, etc.

Company Profile

Hunan Noli Enamel Co., Ltd is the leader manufacturer of enamel frits & inorganic pigment in China. Now we have 30,000 M/T enamel frits and 2,000 M/T inorganic pigments annual capacity, And 10,000 M/T RTU(Ready to use) powder and electro static powder.
Our main products of enamel frits including ground coat, cover coat, transparent frit , matt enamel, direct on black frits and various cast-iron frits.
High temperature inorganic pigment including red & yellow, blue, green, black Oxide etc, widely used in porcelain enamel, ceramics, glass, coating, painting etc.
As an ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturer, we have strict quality control in the whole production process to guarantee the quality of products. We are supplying the best service for customer.
100% of Our goods are exporting to USA, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, & Africa.


Q1. Are you factory or trading company ?
We are a factory.
Q2. What’s the MOQ ?
Inorganic pigment MOQ is 25kg, enamel frit, RTU powder and electronic static powder MOQ=200kg.
Q3. What is your principle for the samples ?
We offer free samples if you are willing to pay the shipping cost.
Q4. How about your delivery time?
A: Generally, it will take 15 days after receiving your advance payment.
Q5. What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?
A: Your base material, your application area (best to send your finished product picture), the physical parameters you
require(acid resistance, adherence, color, etc) the quantity you need. If possible, you can send me your samples and we customize
for you.
Q6.Why choose us?
1. Reaching a production capacity of 30,000 Tons/Year for Enamel frit, 10,000 Tons/Year for RTU & electronic static powder, 2,000
Tons/Year for Inorganic pigment.
2. 60% frits & pigment exported to US, Netherlands, Indonesia,Thiland, Vietanam, Korea, Chile etc 30 country.
3. Having over 30 technical experts of frits & pigment from domestic & overseas, focusing on technical development & product
4. Having complete quality control system, Strong technical supporting team is focusing on customer service in this world.

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