Resistive 2500 kW High Power Load Bank

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Product Overview


AC415KV-2500kW Medium Voltage

High Power Load Bank 


Thank you for using AC415V-2500kW High Voltage Load Bank, the equipment used to test the output power and loading capacity of High Voltage Generator. The load bank power input adopts sectional type, with remote control, easy to operation.Load bank using energy consumption method, air forced cooling, air dispersion, so that machine noise reduces greatly.


Technical Parameters

System Parameters

Rated voltage/current

AC 3 phase 3 wire10KV/50Hz

Max load power

Resistive load:2500kW

Load steps

Resistive load(R):


Power factor


Load tolerance(each step)


Load tolerance(overall)


Display precision

Class 0.5

Control Power Supply

AC380V, 3 phase 4 wire ,50Hz

Control mode

Local manual control: use control panel to control(used for maintenance)

Remote manual control: use remote controller to control.

Remote intelligent control: use data management software on PC to control.

Wiring method

Load power supply input——cooper bar(star connection)

Control power supply input——connector bar

Communication interface


Insulation class

Class F

Protection grade

 IP55 during storage state. Power bin IP21, other IP55 during operation

Duty cycle


Cooling type

Forced air cooling, horizontal air inlet, vertical air outlet.

Enclosure structure

Container sealing, with ladder to top of enclosure, with air inlet and air outlet mesh and protection door.


Hoisting, with lifting lugs on top and standard installation fixing hole at bottom

Internal Lighting

Adequate internal lighting

Alarm light(red)

Built in alarm light  

Enclosure color


Enclosure dimension

About 6058 mmx2438 mm×2591mm(L×W×H)

Working environment parameters

Ambient Temperature


Relative Humidity



≤1500 meters

Atmospheric Pressure




Test function

(1)Load bank testing: User could load any power within rated power, can test stable state three-phase voltage, current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, frequency, running time of generating set.

(2) Control Mode: local, remote or intelligent control(software) for choosing.

 (3) Remote Control:through the switch in the remote control box, control the load over a long distance.

(4) Intelligent Control: through data processing software, realize all the test functions, display, record and manage the testing data, and generate curves, graphs and tables can be printed.

(5) Control Mode Interlock: with control mode switch, no matter chooses which mode, operation of other mode is invalid, avoid the clash.

(6)One-key load/unload: Whether load/unload by local control panel or by PC software control, user can pre-set the power then press the master load button.

(7) Local meter display data: local meter can display 3 phases voltage, current, active power, frequency and so on

(8) Temperature detection function: The temperature of the air outlet in resistor bin can be displayed by the local temperature measurement instrument.

(9) Auxiliary function: The control panel is designed with a lighting switch, and a 220V power socket is reserved for computer or other temporary power consumption.

Software function

(1) Communication Mode: using photoelectric isolated RS485 communication serial port connect to PC, and with great anti-interference performance to make system control stable. Through converts like USB or RS232 realize communication protocol conversion.

(2) Load Mode: manual load or automatic load

(3) Manual Load: input power and power factor, and load according to the preset value.

(4) Automatic Load: set several load stages and duration, then complete the process according this stages automatically. 0%- 25%,- 50%,- 75%, -100%

(5) Real-time Monitor: through software display main parameter value, such as voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency and time.

(6) Security monitoring and control: monitor working state of the load bank by watching software light, when abnormally stop and protect, it can show the reason.

(7) Data Collection Interval: the minimum data resolving time is 2s.

(8) Data save and query: all the test data is saved in the software, easy to query in the history testing data.

(9) Graphical display: show real-time or history testing data, and support to print curve and graph as follows:

1) Graphs of real-time voltage, current, frequency and power; 2) Voltage graph

3) Current graph; 4) Power graph; 5) Frequency graph; 6) Power factor graph

(10) Data format: all the curves and graphs can be outputted as"JPG"format, testing data can be outputted as ”Excel” format, and can be printed.

 Protection Function

(1) Short Circuit Protection: when short circuit, fuses in the load bank can insure to unload automatically.

(2)Overvoltage protection: When input voltage is over the safety value, it will unload automatically and give an alarm.

(3) Overheating Protection: temperature is over the safe threshold value, system unload automatically and give an alarm.

(4) Smoke Fog Protection: If there is smoke fog in the container, system cut off load automatically and give an alarm.

(5) Fan Delivery Protection: insufficient air volume with any fan, system unload automatically and give an alarm.

(6) Overload Protection With Fan: when any fan cannot normally work, the load bank can unload automatically and give an alarm.

(7) Emergency Stop: manually press the Emergency Stop switch on the panel, then load bank is in locked state, and cannot do any operation.

(8)Control Room Alarm:When the remote operation or intelligence operations, if operating room door is not closed, the corresponding warning light with ring.

(9) Air Outlet Alarm:the door do not open when running, light up with ring.

(10) Maintenance Room Alarm: the door do not close when running, light up with ring.

(11) Temperature On-line Monitor: Avoid load overheat, when temperature exceed setting value, will send alarm and unload automatically.

(12)Chassis Ground Protection: in order to avoid the danger of electric shock when operating, the load bank is equipped with special ground protection terminal.


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