2.8' small size Color LCD Module 240*320 full view, 12 view, SPI/RGB/MCU Interface Touch Screen RTP CTP

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Product Overview


Products Description

Product Paramenters

Screen Size
2.8 inch

Display Mode
Normally Black

240 × RGB × 320

Active Area
Outline Dimension
Viewing Direction

Driver IC


Back Light
White Led*4

Touch Panel

Model number

Application scenarios

Company Profile

About Frida
The company takes "safety, stability, foresight fashion" as the product design principle, and is comitted to the research and development, production, sales and service of TFT color LCD module medium and high-end display products.
Frida owns high precision automatic production equipments. Frida is in the pursuit of active,fast,standard and considerate spot
supplies service and promising the instant shipment. Frida's products were sold to more than 30 countries and areas which were
widely used on security, media and education fields,etc.

Production Line


Why Choose Us

Frida Professional on quality, to provide the most professional LCD liquid crystal display theory, technology and other services, big freedia display technology through years of experience for every customer intentions to build high quality LCD screen, make surethat every piece of LCM display module, TFT module can achieve 100% qualified, strive to build big freedia LCD LCD industry brand.
Frida has a perfect after-sales service system, products with warranty cards, and the establishment of archives, by the after-sales service department of professional and technical personnel to implement maintenance, maintenance. Since the establishment of the company and customers to establish a good relationship of mutual trust, quality service as the life of the enterprise, after-sales service department is responsible for customer training, product maintenance and all-round service.


1.What can we offer our customers?
1. touch display module: we provide LCD display module with control, a set of MCU or PLC with controller display scheme, the communication part of the display scheme by serial port communication, UART serial port or SPI serial port; It consists of display driver board, shell, LCD liquid crystal display screen three parts, that is, the front end of a product display part, receive the user MCU serial port sent instructions, complete all operations on the LCD drawing.
2. Function realization of touch control display module: Users can easily realize touch control functions through serial
intelligent display terminal, such as data text entry, key value return, incremental adjustment, pop-up menu, etc. Also can
quickly realize display functions, such as dial clock, TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, RTC control, icon variables, art word, curve display, list display, text display, eto.

3. Development service of touch display scheme: Furuda Display extends development for all kinds of TFT screen schemes, making TFT screen control more convenient, providing customers with professional technical services, greatly shortening development time and reducing costs.

2. What can we do for our customers?
1. Interface design: assist customers in Ul design, integrate animation, pictures, text and sound;
2. Communication protocol: practice serial communication;
3. PCBA design: complete PCBA design planning, shape can be customized according to customer requirements;
4. Display debugging: achieve the display efficiency of the module
5. Test support: assist anti-interference and long-term work verification;
6. Value-added services: Provide professional technical support services to reduce development time and cost.

3. Never End of Supply, Our Long-term Continuity Supply Warranty
We understand that you may be concerned about whether we are still offering displays after a long period of development. Freida promises every customer every product we sell in this online store. We promise long-term continuous supply.

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