Automatic High Frequency Induction Brazing Welding Machine for Diamond Saw Blade Segments

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Product Overview


Automatic High Frequency Induction Brazing Welding Machine for Diamond Saw Blade Segments

Product Features:

1.  This machine uses computer program to control;

2.  It can automatic finish all welding procedures ,the saw blade is automatic centering,automatic to divide teeth, automatic to feed segments and welding;

3. Designing automatic centering system, centering accuracy ±0.03mm, operation simply;

4. Homothermal temperature flux container ensures flux uniform coated and make sure welding strengthen;

5. The wear resisting structure design of copperplate can guarantee the welding precision of old and new blank;

6. Imported key parts ,long work life;

7.  Guided OS system ,operation simply,




Products Description:

1.  Segment automatic picking & fixing system. Machine can automatic pick the segment and fix to the welding position.

2.  Segment manually centering system. Manually adjust the welding position of the segment before the welding.

3.  Traditional sliver solder automatic sending system. It is effective and cheaper choose but less accurate and inconvenient.

4.  Sliver solder automatic cutting & sending system. Operator can set the length of the solder in the touch screen, then    machine will automatic cut off the solder and sent to the welding position. Very accurate and convenience.

5.  Automatic put soldering flux on the welding side of the segment. Sliver solder sending and flux putting are both independent, so they will not influence each other.

6.   Automatic put soldering flux on the welding side of the saw blade. 

7.  Pneumatic automatic segments separating system.

8.   Ceramic clip protection function.




1. This machine uses touch screen control and HMI operation, automatically control of welding time, equipped with tank photoelectric detection system, positioning and rotating saw blade body and feed segment and solder automatically, high accuracy positioning, feed solder second time for last tooth to ensure the welding strength. Bilateral independent fans to improve cooling speed, automatic alarm display for easy troubleshooting.
2.Segment and saw disc automatic centering
3. Configure water tank photoelectric system, automatic positioning saw blade and automatic alarm for fault running
4. Adjustable for R/F segments, L/T segments, welding time, cooling time, welding tooth number, skip welding according to actual demand.
5. Automatic feeding solder, brushing flux, automatic centering, at the last segment, it will feed solder two times to ensure the end teeth welding strength
6 .With touch screen control and HMI operation
7.  Easy to operate and maintaince
8.  Applicate for welding segments for stone cutting saw blade





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