Direct Factory 216 LEDs 3W Emf Free Red Led Light Infrared Lamp Therapy For Fitness And Wellness (1600386683801)

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Direct Factory 216 LEDs 3W Emf Free Red Led Light Infrared Lamp Therapy For Fitness And Wellness

LED light therapy for beauty, skin health, pain relief, bodybuilding, muscle recovery, and men fertility
Light therapy is an effective health modality that’s been widely studied and tested.Light therapy is a simple, non-invasive treatment that delivers red and near infrared (NIR) light to a person’s skin and cells. This is just like the wavelengths of light your body needs from sunlight, but without the heat or UV rays that may cause sun damage.

S1000 is consist with 216pcs 3W chip LED, with high irradiance>100mW/cm2, which is effective for skin and body therapy. And Light Equipped with meanwell driver, which deliver long time stable performance.


S300 Red Therapy Light
LED Power Class : 180W
Dimensions: 330*210*65mm
Power Consumption: 88W
LEDs : 60 x 3W
Cooling Fans: 1 fan
Meanwell Driver
N.W.(KG): 4.2
EMF Emission: 0.0 V/m and 0.0 µT @ 6”
Best For: Face and Topical Part
Max Area: 92” x 82”
Warranty: 3 years
S500 Red Therapy Light
LED Power Class : 324W
Dimensions: 680*260*65mm
Power Consumption: 135W
LEDs : 108 x 3W
Cooling Fans: 2 fans
Meanwell Driver
N.W.(KG): 6.2
Lifespan: 50,000hrs
EMF Emission: 0.0 V/m and 0.0 µT @ 6”
Best For: Half Body Treatment
Max Area: 92” x 84”
Warranty: 3 years
S1000 Red Therapy Light
LED Power Class : 648W
Dimensions: 840*270*65mm
Power Consumption: 318W
LEDs : 216 x 3W
Cooling Fans: 3 fans
Meanwell Driver
N.W.(KG): 10
Lifespan: 50,000hrs
EMF Emission: 0.0 V/m and 0.0 µT @ 6”
Best For: Full Body Treatment
Max Area: 108” x 86”
Warranty: 3 years

Red light panels Irradiance

Smart Functions


Clinically Proven Wavelengths of 660nm & 850nm

Red Light 660 Nanometers:
This specific wavelength is absorbed at a higher proportion by the skin tissue, making it especially effective for boosting skin
health and increasing collagen production.
Near Infrared Light at 850 Nanometers:
This wavelength is actually outside of the visual spectrum, so it may appear as if the NIR lights are not working, but they just
can't been seen by the naked eye. Near infrared light has a particularly strong ability to penetrate deeper into the tissue,
organs, and joints, making it ideal for enhancing muscle recovery and reducing joint pain.



More Light Therapy Devices

Gbeing Smart Ag Co., Ltd
Over 10 Years Manufacturing Experience
One-stop customized service in design, mold, brand, packaging, and drop shipping

Gbeing has over 10 years R&D and manufacturing background in LED light business, specialize in researching, designing and manufacturing of light therapy devices, with over 10 patents and 3 brands. And we keep on bringing the forth technical innovation to the light therapy industry.

SUNRECIPE is our own new brand, committed to provide the competitive, affordable medical-grade light therapy devices to the maket.

Our mission is to harness the power of light to make people stronger, happier, and ultimately healthier.
We focus on product quality and customer service. We can do OEM & ODM&OBM private label tailer-made service .
We also support low MOQ fast delivery and dropshipping service.
Each of our devices goes through a standard strict inspection from materials to products .
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Our Advantage

* 10+ years of R&D and manufacturing background in LED light business
* One-stop Customized Service
* Surely competitive factory price
* Low MOQ plus high quality
* Drop shipping plus three years full warranty

Q: What payment menthods do you accept?
A: We accept T/T in advance and Paypal. (30% deposit by T/T ; 70% before delivery for bulk order.)

Q: How long is your lead time?
A: For sample: 3-7 days. For bulk orders:2-3 weeks.

Q: How is your product warranty?
A: We offer three years limited warranty.

Q: Can I have a sample order for the product?
A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptable.

Q: What is your production capacity?
A: 10,000 sets of lighting systems per month.

Q: What is the difference between red and near infrared light?
A: Red light: Delivered at 660nm, red light is readily absorbed by surface tissues and cells, leading to enhanced skin health and healing.
Near-infrared Light: Delivered at 850nm, near infrared (NIR) light is invisible to the human eye, and penetrates into deeper tissues, leading to enhanced recovery and inflammation support.

Q: Do LEDs make a difference?
A: Definitely A big one! LEDs are the most effective technology for controlling the wavelength and direction of light therapy. They also allow for the delivery of high-intensity output with minimal heat. They're by far the most efficient source for light therapy. Sunrecipe takes the best LEDs

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