Spill Proof and aging resistant Metal flange protective sleeve for chemical pipeline (1600387615307)

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Stainless flange protection
Stainless steel
coarse, fine
chemical industry machinery

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Our company was founded in 2011.
For ten years, we focus on providing customers with safe, high quality, efficient PTFE products and services.
TAIZHOU TEFULONG PLASTIC INDUSTRY CO.,LTD is committed to the use of advanced manufacturing technology for customers to produce high quality flange cover, valve cover, PTFE products.These advanced technologies include impregnation processes, drying processes and laser welding lines.
Our production line supervisors and engineers are professionally trained to continuously implement improved manufacturing processes.When required, products can be designed and manufactured according to the customer's unique specifications to meet the performance requirements of the application.
Our factory certifications include:
Our R & D center focuses on flange cover, valve cover research and development.We have developed PTFE series flange protective cover, PVC series flange protective cover, PP series flange protective cover, 304 series flange protective cover, 316 series flange protective cover, butterfly valve protective cover, diaphragm valve protective cover, ball valve protective cover, plug valve protective cover, globe valve protective cover, check valve protective cover,gate value protector etc.



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1、What is a Flange Guards & Safety Spray Shields?
Flange guard commonly known as a Flange spray shield is a safety device designed to contain hazardous spray outs, oil mists & acid splashes.
Flange Spray Guards & Safety Shields are installed on Flanges, Pipe Joints & valves.
In an event of splash or a spray out, these flange guards completely absorbs the kinetic energy of the splash and renders it completely harmless.
This simple hardware has saved countless of lives in the recent time. Flange Guards are available in various material.
The choice of material for a safety spray shield or Flange Guard depends on the temperature, pressure & corrosive strength of the service fluid.

2、Why are Flange Guards And Spray Shields used?
In any piping system, there are numerous joints and threaded fittings in the form of flanges, unions, T joints and elbows, sockets or expansion joints.
Other than that, there is a lot of equipment like heat exchangers or pressurized valves installed to control the flow of service liquids.
These joints are subject to heavy stress associated with mechanical vibration and wear due to the pressure that they are exposed to.
This leads to joint failure, and toxic liquids can be sprayed onto unsuspecting workers and expensive equipment in the form of a violent splash of toxic chemicals.
This has caused millions of critical injuries resulting in thousands of deaths. Flange safety spray shields are used to protect people and equipment from these catastrophic incidents.
Various government regulations and insurance Requirements make it compulsory for industries to use flange guards.

3、How do I select shield size if I don’t know flange class/rating?
For standard flanges, you can simply measure the flange outside diameter and check these against our flange tables ,
or send us a schedule of the flange OD’s and we can send you a quote by return.

4、What is better, PTFE or PTFE-CLEAR?
The specifications for both shields are similar. Normally it’s a personal client choice which reflect site preferences.
Some customers prefer a litmus indicator patch, which changes colour to give visual leak indication. Others prefer to see the flange under the shield, at all times.

5、I need shields for a specific delivery date, how can I find out the lead time?
You can either fill out your shopping cart and send to us, or simply email/call us with your requirements, and we will confirm delivery lead time.

6、What testing takes place, how do I know the shield will work for my application?
All our designs are Pressure Tested to ensure they prevent spray and mist, and retain their integrity .
If you have a specific application in mind, contact us and we will make a recommendation.

7、I would prefer someone to visit me to discuss my application, is this possible?
Yes, we regularly visit customers to give advice and perform surveys & installations.
We are represented around the world, so just make contact with us directly and we will start the dialogue.

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