Хорошая цена, текстильная машина, ткацкий станок для этикеток, автоматическая машина для резки и складывания этикеток

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Price:10 500,00 $ - 14 999,00 $
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Automatic label cutting and folding machine
place of production
 made in china
one year
high quality
textile machine  /Automatic label 
Application area
Labels,woven label,printed labels,ribbon,and other fabrics

Function:Label intelligent detection system can automatically identify substandard labels with high precision and automatically
eliminate production errors from the source, thereby substantially reducing labor costs, improving the quality of labels and creating economic value.

Product features:
1、High precision automatic detection of defective products, improve the quality of label : Intelligent detectionsystem with detection of main controller through the imported of HD pixel camera collect into image, the main controller analyze and judge the size and length of label, label edge, label notch, jump yarn,abnor- mal and dirty substandard label processing the collected image of label with the standard label pattern comparison.

2、Flexible installation,simple operation: Intelligent detection system without changing any structure,does not affect any function and can be installed in any brand,any type of cut and fold machine, flexible modifi cation,strong practicability.Operators with experience of operating cut and fold machine then can start using,easy to operate.

3、High efficiency,saving manpower,and economic benefit is obvious: Intelligent detection system fast and convenient for label detection,effectively remove the substandard products, compared with existing manual quality inspection, it is automatic, high detection accuracy, no direct contact with labels, no damage,greatly improving the production efficiency

4、Once label parameters are set, it can be saved as profile and use anytime again, simple and convenient.

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