Пользовательский логотип Водонепроницаемая обвязка КТ Спортивная кинезиологическая лента deilin kinesiology

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Kinesiology tape is the most widely used type, can be used singly or together with other types. It could be applied on almost any part of body. It can improve the feedback and timing of muscles supporting, decrease the pain and help recover from discomfort and also could prevent potential harm to the muscles.

* Waterproof
* Wave breathable
* Hypo-allergenic
* Stays on skin for 7 days

* Latex-free hypoallergenic cotton fiber tape;
* Acrylic heat-activated backing;
* No medicinal properties;
* Approximately same thickness and weight of skin;
* Comfortable to wear;
* Can be worn in pool and shower (water-resistant)

* Treat sport injuries and general muscle pain;
* Promoted blood/lymph circulation and healing;
* Support for muscles and joints;
* Prevent injuries and fatigue;
* Enhance performance

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Company Profie

KnowSports started with one man show in 2005 with the aim of to reach out every single sport lover to introduce products to them and demonstrate with the help of physiotherapist and give proper education of taping that how to prevent injuries during sports.
Now KnowSports is specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing new products for the sport market. Some of our well known products are Zinc Oxide Tape, Rayon Strapping Tape, Kinesiology Physio Tape, Flexible Elastic Bandage, Finger Tape, Pre-Wrap Foam, Self Cohesive & Thumb Tape.

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