platinum plated electrolysis dsa mmo ru ir coated titanium electrode for salt chlorinator/Electrolysis brine

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Product Description

 pure titanium Grade1 or Grade2
 Will be coated with Ruthenium and Iridium,platinum,PbO2
 according to customer's drawing

types of Anodes with MMO (Mixed Metal Oxides) coatings 
1)Ruthenium-Iridium titanium anode
2)Ruthenium-Iridium-stannum titanium anode
3)Iridium-Tantalum titanium anode
4)Ruthenium-titanium anode
5)Platinum titanium anode
6)Lead dioxide titanium anode

Manufacturing processes
1)Pretreatment:choosing right material, cutting ,welding accordingly , annealing ,cleansing ,acid etching
2) Preparing noble metal: be made up in proportion of mol according to customer's application
3) Brush painting :coated by 12 to15 times
4) thermal decomposition of oxidation

1) Stable working ability under high current density & Voltage
2) High electrolysis efficiency
3) Stable electrolysis ability
4) High anti-corrosion property
5) The matrix can be recycled and recoated with MMO for reuse
6) Long working life etc.

Water ionizer, alkaline & Acidic water production, deionized water in cosmetic,
disinfection, clean etc.
For sodium hypochlorite disinfecting machine, titanium electrode for spot ozonolysis,
titanium electrode for sewage treatment and cathodic protection.

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Products Specification

Titanium anode (MOx anode) is made of ruthenium, iridium, tantalum, rhodium,
palladium and other precious metal salts coated on a titanium substrate and then
sintered at high temperature.
1.The size of the titanium anode is stable, and the distance between the electrodes
does not change during the electrolysis process, which can ensure that the
electrolysis operation is performed under the condition of stable voltage.
2. The working voltage of the titanium anode is low, so the power consumption is
small, which can save the power consumption, and the DC power consumption can
be reduced by 10%-20%.
3. Titanium anode has a long working life, and the diaphragm method produces chlorine


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