Diavolicchio | Chilli Calabrian red hot pepper in olive oil ( 290 gr )

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Product Description

Undisputed symbol of Calabria, the Diavolicchio Pepper brings taste, flavor and color to the table!
Simply immersed in olive oil, they are perfect for seasoning any type of dish.
A practical and easy-to-use format, which cannot be missing in the kitchen.

Use in the kitchen
With the Diavolicchio Peperoncino first and second courses, vegetable side dishes, pizzas and savory pies will have that extra spicy touch that never hurts. You can use it by cutting it into small pieces to prepare tasty sauces or excellent spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli, a simple dish but with guaranteed success!

Ingredients: Hot pepper (60.6%), olive oil, salt, wine vinegar.
Acidifier: Citric acid.
Allergens: Sulfur dioxide and sulphites.

Storage mode: Keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
After opening, cover the product with oil and store in the fridge.
Pasteurized product


Minimum order
Packaging in cartons of 12 pieces on Euro pallet. Total pieces 2.016 . Number of packages 1
Packaging in cartons of 12 pieces on USP pallet. Total pieces 2.448 . Number of packages 1

Terms of payment
Letter of credit for 20 and 40 feet containers. Advance bank transfer in other cases.
Transport costs not included and sized on request for offer.

All negotiations are confidential.


Preservation Process
Mason Jar
Weight (kg)
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Valle del Crati
Model Number
green olives, olive oil, peppers, fennel seeds, garlic, salt, vinegar

Packing & Delivery

Our packaging is made only with recyclable material such as paper, cardboard and glass.

Company Profile

Valle del Crati Group Srl is a certified company for producing and selling organic agri-food products. Started in 1998 by Marcello Prezioso, who had the heritage of family tradition activities. In 1999 Francesco Rosa joined him, taking up an ancient family tradition for processing top quality figs. Our specialty is the "Fico Dottato", which is a particular type of fig, from Cosenza, a town of Calabria region, in the south of Italy. We are experts on making perfect jams, sauces, in oil products and condiments. Our trademark guarantees good and genuine food coming from our love for earth and nature. We choose raw materials from our land with care and then we transform and pack them, following the most antique recipes from Calabrian farming tradition. In 2005 it was established the "Valle del Crati Agri-food consortium", with the aim of promoting the products of the companies which were part of the consortium. In 2007 the factory was purchased, and it became the headquarter of the Consortium and the processing and packaging plant of the two craft businesses. In 2012, a 329 KW photovoltaic system was built, thus starting a green management of the entire plant. In 2015 was set up the current brand of Gastronomic Excellence, Valle del Crati Group S.r.l., as the extension of the artisan businesses, owned by the two partners, who in 1998 started the phases of processing and transforming Calabrian vegetables and fruit.
Valle del Crati company adheres to the Dried Fig Consortium from the town of Cosenza, committed to the promotion and enhancement of the most traditional food supply chain in Cosenza, that of the "Fico Dottato". Valle del Crati company is a founding member of the Consortium for the Protection of Figs from Cosenza P.D.O., committed to the protection of the product "Cosenza Figs" Protected Designation of Origin. Valle del Crati Group S.r.l. is certified for the sale of organic food by ICEA IT BIO 006. Our certificate is available at the control body with the reference number IT BIO 006 RAF45.

Valle del Crati Gastronomic excellence since 1998, brings to the table of every gourmet the specialties of Calabria, by delivering quickly and with the right combination of quality and price in compliance with the Short Supply Chain from Producer to Consumer. For over 20 years we have carefully selected the best raw materials, then transformed and packaged according to the ancient recipes of the peasants' tradition of Calabria. The implementation of well-defined internal techniques and protocols, compliance with the guidelines and our H.A.C.C.P. according to the laws in force, guarantee traceability and food safety. A continuous and constant work made of research, tastings and selections, the passion for the heritage of taste in which we live, allow us to choose the best of Calabrian gastronomic excellences that are part of our range of our products, ideal for everyday meals and also for special occasions. A complete range fulfilled with exclusive jams, marmalades and citrus juices, teases with appetizers and condiments, delights with traditional first courses, conquers with sweet temptations and is completed with the selection of wines chosen to match our specialties. Traditional recipes, authentic flavors, high quality are our core values. Our 3000 square feet factory is located in a small village, in the middle of Calabrian countryside, called Bisignano. Here is where we produce, transform and pack our gastronomic excellences. Valle del Crati Srl is in an internal area located in the central-northern part of Calabria, defined by thirty municipalities in the province of Cosenza, located in the Crati and Esaro valleys and bordered to the north by the Pollino mountain range, to the east by the mountainous Pre-Silana, to the south from the Cosentino urban center, to the west from the coastal chain.


1. Who are we?
We are based in Cosenza, Italy, start from 1998 ,sell to Domestic Market(90.00%),Western Europe(10.00%). There are total about 11-50 people in our office.

2. How can we guarantee quality?
Always a pre-production sample before mass production;
Always final Inspection before shipment;

3. What can you buy from us?
Tomato Sauce , Jam , Condiments , Figs , Oil , Specialties in oil, Spices, Canned food, Sweets and much more.

4. Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
We have 23 years experience of agri-food production. Our specialty is the "Fico Dottato", a particular type of fig from Calabria, Italy. We are experts on jam and tomato sauce. We choose with care raw materials and then we transform and pack them.

5. What services can we provide?
Accepted Delivery Terms: FOB;
Accepted Payment Currency: EUR;
Accepted Payment Type: T/T,L/C,D/P D/A;
Language Spoken: English,Chinese,Spanish,Italian

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