Great quality ecological plant nutrient mix for greenery growing added to the soil when planting seeds, potting soil

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Great quality ecological plant nutrient mix for greenery growing added to the soil when planting seeds, potting soil

ZION CLASSIC is ionite nutrient substrate which provides intensive plant growth and the development of strong root system in any soil, increases the yield of green mass, vegetable and fruit crops.

Promotes adaptation and survival of plants after transplanting.

Recommended for direct contact with the root system. Overdose and root burn are impossible.

Based on natural mineral (zeolite) and environmentally friendly.

Contains 60 times more nutrients than the most fertile soil (e.g. rich black soil). It retains productivity for up to 3 years.

It is not a mineral fertilizer. ZION does not contain nitrates, phytohormones, pesticides, herbicides and growth accelerants.

Addition of only 2procent of the ionite substrate can be compared in fertility with the most nutritious soils.
ZION CLASSIC can be used to provide the plant with a balanced set of nutrients at any stage of its life cycle. The plant will not need any additional feeding at least until next season.

Methods of application:

During seedling planting: mix the ZION ionite substrate with the soil, bed out the plant, pour water on it. Recommended ratio: 1-2 tablespoons per 1 liter of soil.

During seedling transplanting: prepare the soil in the manner described above. Place the substrate in the pre-planting hole (0.5 teaspoon per plant), bed out the plant, pour water on it.

During seedling transfer: powder the plant's root ball with ionite substrate ZION, place the substrate in the pre-planting hole, bed out the plant, pour water on it.

For feeding of already planted and perennial plants:
Use any sharp object to make punctures 15-20 cm deep (for trees and garden shrubs, the optimum puncture depth is 30-40 cm) at the angle of 45 degrees. Place the ZION in the formed holes, fill them with the existing soil and pour water on it.

There are no restrictions or limitations on the amount of applied substrate. The addition of a larger amount of substrate will only increase the effect and extend the substrate lifetime.

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Packaging DetailsPLASTIC CAN (PET) 700g
Unit Typepcs.
PortSaint-Petersburg, Vladivostok
Our Company


ZION RUS, LLC was founded in 2017 and is engaged in the production and sale of ionite substrates TM ZION for efficient and sustainable plants growing on any kind of soil.

The key mission of the Company is to improve the quality of human being by providing it with healthy food products of plant origin and beautification of urban areas making them green and blooming.

The main goals of the Company are to increase the efficiency of amateur and professional gardening while reducing the time and labor costs for harvesting
and the absence of a negative impact on the environment, as well as solving the problem of restoring the fertility of depleted and degraded soils around the world.

Ionite nutrient substrate ZION was developed in deep collaboration with National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus and Russian Academy of Sciences for growing plants on any soil using ionitoponics technology. Now technology is patented and widely presented on consumer market in Russia and CIS countries and already available in US, EU, UAE and China via local subsidiaries or distributors.

We are open to cooperation and ready for further international business development all around the world. Particularly in the areas with highly depleted or degraded sandy soils and countries eager to make or keep the urban areas green and nice without significant effort in terms providing ideally balanced nutrition for plants.


What is ZION?

Ionite substrate ZION is a full set of nutrients (N, P, K, S, etc) captured by natural ion-exchangers as positively or negatively charged ions.
The matrix of the substrate is natural ionites (zeolites) enriched with the macronutrients like nitrogen, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulphur and micronutrients (manganese, boron, molybdenum, iron, etc.) available to plants in ionic osmotically non-active form.
They have weak acidic reaction. pH range of water suspension 6,0 - 7,0. ZION substate are fully functional nutritious medium for plants growing without any additional fertilization.
In fact ZION is not a fertilizer! It is high concentrated granular nutritious media for plants growing.

How does ZION work? What is the unique mechanism of plant nutrition by request (ionitoponics) means?

ZION is smart approach to plants feeding. Nutrients are released into the soil
and consumed by the plant due to ion exchange between ZION
substrate and metabolites excreted by roots during plant development.
All nutrients are linked with functional groups of inorganic environmentally friendly matrix according to ion-exchange principle. No washing of nutrients from the soil due to overwatering, floods or heavy rains. So plant always consume the most suitable, optimal combination of nutrients for the most sustainable growth.

Could ZION be used with my soil to make it fertile?

Yes. ZION can be used to make fertile of any kind of soil. You just need to add ZION close to the root system of the plants, properly water it and keep temperature of environment in the range suitable for plants growing.

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