China Anticancer Refreshing Sugar Free Original Healthy Peach Iced Green Tea

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Product Overview


China Anticancer Refreshing Sugar Free Original Healthy
Peach Iced Green Tea


Physical Characteristics
Product Name
Peach Iced Green Tea
Green Tea and Peach Extract
 Color &Texture
Light Yellow
Flavor &Taste
Sweet Peach Fragrance After Taste
10 Sachets / Paper Box


Company Profile


Authenmole established in 2011, has become the pioneer in botanical extraction integrated by competitive technical R&D, production and sales, etc. The production base and R&D center are located in Meizhou, Guangdong with floor area at 30,000m2 and the workshop at more than 40,000m2.

Authenmole is positioning at the world's high-end consumption markets targeted at office gens, outdoorsy and gym enthusiasts, and obesity group,etc. Its terminal markets around the world are the super market, chain store and specialty store mainly from the Asia, America and the Europe. Authenmole is looking forward to more competitive brands to join us in international business with a view to achieving win-win in further cooperation.

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1.What is pure tea extract?
Authenmole Pure Tea Crystal is a brand-new high-end tea. It is crystalline tea essence concentrated by bio-engineering extraction. With raw material of well-selected tea leaves grown in high mountains, based on biological cell nano low-temperature extraction technology, the beneficial substances in tea such as tea polyphenols, tea polysaccharide, L-theanine and vitamins etc. are extracted and harmful components like pesticide and heavy metal residues have been removed, and after multi-stage filtrations tea essences are crystallized to be the pure tea crystals in low-temperature process.

2. Is Authenmole pure tea crystal equivalent to instant tea powder?
Authenmole instant tea is in crystalline texture. unlike tea powder, it is tea crystalline texture which could dissolve in water
easily without any residues, and the tea infusion is purer and clearer than tea powder..

3. Is it a ready-to-drink?
As we aim at promoting a healthy and convenient trendy tea to modern lifestyle, you can play the magic to make it a ready-to-drink by emptying 1 sachet of pure tea extract into a bottle of 8 fl oz (250ml) soft water.

4. Is it healthy?
Sure. With the self-invented bio-engineering technology, pesticide and heavy metal residue have been removed. Its nano-level extraction makes the rich tea nutrients, like polyphenols, tea polysaccharides and L-theanine, in pure tea extract more absorbable to human body to perform its contributory effort in anti-aging, anti-carcinogen, anti-radiation.

5.How does it taste?
So much input and efforts on research has been made for the reliable manufacture technology. The full course of low-temperature manufacture process enables the beneficial components of tea leaves well preserved. With bio-engineering extraction technology, the useless element of pectin which distributes the bitterness has been successfully removed. And its nano-extraction makes the tea infusion clearer in color, purer and smoother in taste.

6. What is its brewing way?
It is really simple. After emptying 1 sachet of pure tea extract into a cup, add 200-300ml hot or cool pure water, and a nice tea is ready for you. Or, just empty 1 sachet into a bottle pure water of 200-300ml and you may enjoy it anywhere, anytime.

7. What's its qualification certified?
Authenmole pure tea crystals have been officially certified by SGS, PONY, FSSC22000, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000, and they are qualified as ORGANIC Product by NOP (USA) and EC (European).

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