OEM Plastic Parts Manufacturer Strong Plastic Gear Wheel (1600390591831)

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Product Overview


OEM Plastic Parts Manufacturer Strong Plastic Gear Wheel


Products Display~


Product Parameters~

 Material: POM or customized material
 Color:  Black or customized color
 Customization: Support, according to your design
 Dimension: 210*12mm
 Weight: 38g
 Application: Industrial and electronic equipment's accessories
 MOQ: 500 pieces
 Craftsmanship: Plastic injection molding
 Mold life: Generally 300k shots


What can we do for you~

Turning your ideas and designs into products

A. Product Design

The product design phase must fully determine the entire product strategy, appearance, structure, and function, thereby determining the layout of the entire production system. If a product design lacks a production perspective, it will cost a lot of money to adjust and replace equipment, materials and labor during production.


 product design.jpg



B. Mold Analysis

Use the software to simulate the flow state of the melt in the mold, and you can understand the filling sequence,

filling pressure, filling temperature, etc. of different positions, including how the glue inlet should be designed.

Analyze what kind of mold a product can be made into.


mold flow.jpg


C. Prototype

On the premise of not opening the mold, one or several firstly made according to the product appearance

drawing or structural drawing, used to check the appearance or structural rationality of the functional model.


Rapid Prototype

D. Mold Building

Make the injection mold for manufacturing the plastic products.

Moulds & samples.jpg

Injection Molding Mold

E. Injection Molding

Using an injection molding machine, at a certain temperature, the completely melted plastic material is stirred by a screw, injected into the mold cavity with high pressure, and cooled and solidified to obtain a molded product.

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Plastic Products

F. Mold Storage And Maintenance

We have kept more than 1,500 sets of molds for customers from all over the world. At the same time, we also

provide mold maintenance services for customers, and follow-up production can be started at any time.


Our Advantages~

  • One-stop industrial design, mold, product production service

  • More than 10 years experience

  • Over 14,000 square meters factory, support online factory inspection

  • Keeping 1,400 + molds for previous clients

  • Supply free samples for checking quality

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Business Process~





Q: Why are your prices so expensive?


A: Expensive or cheap are relative data, but please first believe in the phrase "you get what you pay for".

Our price is more expensive than the quotations of some suppliers, but this price fully bears the quality of our products and comprehensive services. We will use actual actions to prove to you the value for money.

In addition, for customized products, the price difference will be greater when different quantities are produced. At the same time, the number of cavities of the mold will directly affect the price.

Therefore, please do not immediately veto after comparing the prices, please learn more about us and communicate with us more, we will wholeheartedly provide you with comprehensive high-quality solutions.


Q: How to check if my product is produced correctly?

A: In the quotation stage, we will raise some questions about your product design, and after you arrange the deposit, we will confirm the details of the product with you in detail and eliminate all problems before starting the production of the mold. At the same time, we will regularly send you the production process. The most important thing is to send product samples to you after the mold is completed, and test and confirm in person.


Q: Are your materials guaranteed?

A: Of course, the materials we use require the material suppliers to provide certificates, and we promise that our plastic products will never use second-hand materials, unless the customer explicitly requires the use of second-hand materials or used materials to control costs.


Company Tour~


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