1000 Gpd Reverse Osmosis System Drinking Water Filter 500lph Ro Machine Water Purification Plant (1600391845610)

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500lph Commercial Ro Plant Water Treatment Unit Mini Water Plant
Reverse Osmosis System (RO) is very popular, which is the best water purification system.It includes commercial reverse osmosis system and industrial reverse osmosis system.
Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a water treatment process that removes contaminants from water by using pressure to force water molecules through a semipermeable membrane. During this process, the contaminants are filtered out and flushed away, leaving clean,delicious drinking water.


Advantage of reverse osmosis system
1. Eliminates Sodium
2. Removes Lead
3. Lowers energy costs
4. System size can be customized
5. Easy to maintain
6. Produces better tasting water
7. Replaces bottled water

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Working Process:
Raw water pump→ mechanical filter(quartz sand filter)→ activated carbon filter→ security filter→ high pressure pump →reverse osmosis system→ Ozone sterilizer (UV sterilizer).
1. Water tank: storage of tap water, to solve the problem of insufficient tap water pressure and the back booster pump due to the impact of insufficient water, reduce the failure rate
2. Booster pump: equipped with a stainless steel pump, to provide sufficient pressure for subsequent filtration
3. Quartz sand filter: mainly remove the mud, suspended solids and large particles in the tap water
4. Carbon filter: mainly remove organic substances, residual chlorine and odor in tap water
5. Water softener filter: mainly remove the calcium and magnesium in tap water, reduce the hardness of water
6. Security filter: further filtration, protection of reverse osmosis membrane
7. High pressure pump: provide enough pressure for reverse osmosis system
8. Reverse osmosis unit: the core part of pure water equipment, the production of high-purity water.
9. Pure water tank: storage pure water, can change the size of the water tank,after the below process,The water result is pure enough for different application.
Buy FRP or stainsteel/SS tank filter system and with or without pre-filter ro plant.We can customize the system according to your requirements.

Product Paramenters

Ro Plant-0.25T/250LPH
AC 220V/380V
Quartz Filter
250*1400 mm
Quartz Sand
Activated Carbon Filter
250*1400 mm
Activated Carbon
Precision Filter
20' SS housing
Raw Water Pump
High Press Pump
Inhibitor system: No and optional
Size (L*W*H)  700*720*1500mm


Application of Ro water plant
RO system is widely used in water treatment, purification for tap water, well water, underground water, borehole salty water,brackish water and seawater, pure water and ultra-pure water production. Application area such as, food and beverage processing, bottled drinking water, home use drinking water, power plant, electronic industries, chemical production, pharmaceuticals manufacturers, and medical treatment,irrigation,breeding, textile,swimming poor,hot spring,hotel, school etc. It is a key equipment for pure water plant and ultrapure water equipment.

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