Dryicejet сегодня для пескоструйной очистки Co2 пескоструйная машина сухой лед бластер

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DRYICEJET Today Blast Cleaning Co2 Blasting Machine Cleaner Dry Ice Blaster

Product details

Product name Dry Ice Cleaning Machine
Casing/frame steel
Air pressure 1-9bar
Air quality Dry & oil-free
Air flow 0.8-3m³/min
Sound pressure level 60-120 db(A)
Dry ice pellets 3mm
Dry ice consumption 0-0.75KG/min
Dry ice capacity 10.5kg
Power supply AC 220V/110V(50HZ/60HZ)
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Why dry ice cleaning?

dry ice blast cleaning

dry ice blast cleaning

How does dry ice cleaning work?

Dry-ice cleaning is a particle spray procedure which uses CO2 granulate as a spray agent. Unlike most other blasting media, which keep their solid state during the entire work process, the frozen CO2 sublimates instantly to CO2 gas when it impinges on the surface. This means that no spray agent residues are left behind, offering a wide range of applications for this technology.


dry ice blast cleaning

Dry ice blast cleaners are widely used in fields such as rubber, casting, automobiles, ships, electric power, chemicals, printing, plastics, food, pharmaceuticals, and aviation.

Faster, easier & kind to the environment – Dry ice blasting is the most ecological cleaning solution for automobile, industrial and F&B applications. DRYICEJET dry ice blast cleaner built with an Intelligent microcomputer can precisely control the pressure, which can freely adjust the pressure and speed.

DRYICEJET In Car Workshops

dry ice blast cleaning

dry ice blast cleaning

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dry ice blast cleaning

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dry ice blast cleaning

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dry ice blast cleaning


dry ice blast cleaning


Q1:Does it produce it own ice? Where do I get the dry ice from?

Answer:No,it doesn't product the dry ice.You need to buy the dry ice by yourself.Most cities around the world have dry ice suppliers. You can buy them from dry ice suppliers in the local market, or you can use Google Maps to search for nearby dry ice suppliers.

Q2.What size and form of dry ice required to use on the machine?

Answer:Use the 3mm particles dry ice is ok,the machine will crush the dry ice.

Q3.How many air pressure(bar)does the machine need to run properly?

Answer:About 5-10bar

Q4:Any suggestion for the compressor?

Answer:We suggest you use a compressor which air pressure is about 5-10bar,Air flow is about 1-2m³/min and with a 300L air tank to supply the air pressure and store air pressure in the air tank.

Q5:Does the machine run on single phase?

Answer:No,it doesn't run on single phase.The socket must to connect with earth wire.

Q6:Can you customize a longer blast hose?

Answer:Yes,we can customize a longer hose for you if need it,the longest hose is 6m.You need to pay extra fees for it.Please contact us for more details. 

Q7: What will dry ice blasting NOT remove from my vehicle?

Answer: The process will remove almost any cosmoline, grease, oil, road debris from a vehicles undercarriage. It will NOT remove rust that has already started. It will clean surface rust. This process will also NOT remove paint from a vehicle.

Q8: Will dry ice blasting harm anything on vehicle?

Answer: No. Dry ice is a solid state form of C02 (carbon dioxide), when the ice makes contact with the surface it is cleaning it freezes the grime and the blast of air simply removes the frozen grime with the dry ice dissipating into C02 and leaving only the dirt to be swept from the floor. No harmful chemicals or degreasers needed. No water needed to be sprayed either! It is completely safe on all rubber, metal and electrical components.

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