new ultrathin perineal cold pack perineal instant cold pack perineal ice pack perineal instant ice pack maxi instant cooling pad (1600393398705)

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sanitary pad and instant ice packs
water,calcium ammonium nitrate or urea
surface treatment
1.Do not remove the pack from the bag piror to activating.
2.Locate inner liquid pouch and squeeze firmly to rupture.
3.Shake to thoroughly mix the chemicals and water.
4.Remove from the bag.
5.Remove paper strip to reveal adhesive and apply to garment.
Cautions and Warnings:
- For external use only.
- Harmful if swallowed.
- Do not puncture, strike or stpe on the bag.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Do not refrigerate or freeze to reuse.
4advantages for Sponge model
1:soft ice cores,well paste.
Add the sponge layer,internal vacuum,conforms to the physiological structure of human body.
2:cold paste evenly,fully refrigeration.
Effective ingredients adsorb on sponge evenly,cold area is much wider,cold effect is much stabler.
3:care woman’s body sweetly,to avoid palace cold.
Adopt special structure,make sure refrigerating fluid to stay away from uterus area,avoid to bring palace cold.
4:Irradiation sterilization,freely apart,freely use,close skin with soft continous.
Suitable for operating room,closed wound,to avoid secondary infection,safe and secure,break the liquid package easily,cold cold
need 3s,selected medical non-woven fabrics,comfortable and secure.
Above advantages will solve below questions exist in clinical,but traditional cold products can not solve.
1:low temperature water will flow from front to back,cold not evenly,product can not fully make refrigeration.
2:product can not well paste,comfort level very low.
3:refrigerating fluid close to uterus area,will bring palace cold.
50K per day

•Convient- Post pregnancy you should not have to worry about when or where you may need cooling relief.
• DUAL PURPOSE- Cooling relief &Super Absorbent and soft comfortable
• Keep cooling more than 30 minutes or 40minutes for different specifications.
Instant Cold Perineal Cold Packs are designed to provide immediate cold therapy to help reduce pain and swelling of the perineal area promoting therapeutic healing.

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A1. Our company has professional team and professional production line.

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