Optolong High Performance LRGB SHO7nm Filter Nebula Filter Astrophotography Astronomy Camera Filter For Monochrome Camera (1600397447512)

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Product Overview


Product Description

Brief Introcuction of Astronomical Filter LRGB + SHO 7nm
Optolong LRGB filter set is designed for maximum contrast and with extremely high gradients for clear differentiation of colors. The LRGB filter set divides the spectrum into its components Red, Green, Blue and Luminance. OIII emission overlaps on blue and green filters with maximum transmission to allow high efficiency and natural color imaging. Gap between green and red filters serves to block out the primary Sodium light pollution line at 589nm and improves color balance and separation.

and the SHO - 7nm filter kit includes SII6.5nm, H-Alpha7nm, and OIII6.5nm narrow-band filters, generally working with astronomical monochrome cooling CCD and modified DSLR imaging in each single-channel . Corresponding with RGB channel (Ha, OIII, SII), photographers can process Hubble images by astronomical post processing software .

LRGB + SHO Kit is not limited to photographing planets, it can also be used to photograph galaxies, star clusters and nebulae in the deep space.


Optical imaging glass
Spectrum Range
300 - 1050nm 
Surface Quality
40/20 , 60/40
LRGB Transmittance
Tave>95%  , Tmin>90%
SHO 7nm Transmittance
Multi-layers anti-reflection coating
Adopts precision coating based on Ion-assisted deposition coating technology for durability and resistance to scratching, as well as stability on CWL(central wavelength) no deviation affected by temperature change.
1.25", 2" ,  31*2mm ,36*2mm

Company Profile

Company story
Optolong Optics Co.,ltd supply fluorescence filters and astronomical filters form 1999, we have distributor around the word and had 20 years of experience in the filter industry, mainly including standard products for fluorescence filters, OEM products, and standard products for astronomical filters. Regarding the company details,please browse our website:
Astronomical Filters website://optolong.com/cms/index/index.html
Fluorescence Filters website:https://optolongfilter.com/

Our Advantages

Company and main product introduction / Hot Sale Products
Company profile: We are a china manufacturer of astronomy filters, fluorescence filters and microscops cubes since 1999.
Main products are as follows:
1. Bandpass Filters 254-1100nm transmission and 200-2000nm cut off for optical sensor and imaging processing application.
2. Fluorescent filters standard: Bandpass : DAPI, FITC, TRITC, TexasRed, (Cy5, FAM, ROX, HEX)PCR filter series ; Longpass : LP-DAPI, LP-FITC , LP-TRITC , LP-TexasRed ; Fish series: Fish-Aqua , Fish-Green ,Fish-Orange,Fish-Red ; Dual Band : Green- Orange ; Triple Band :DAPI-Green-Orange.
3. Fluorescence filters OEM: OEM exitation filter, emission filter, dichroic filter for fluorescence detection instrument.
4. Astronomy filters standard:L-Pro, L-eNhance, L-eXtreme, L-Ultimate, Moon Skyglow, Clear Sky, UHC, LRGB, SII, H-alpha, OIII, CLS, CLS-CCD, ND filter ,SHO-3nm,SHO-7nm,UV IR Cut,IR Pass 685nm,Planet filter set.
5. Beam splitter, High-reflect mirror, Optical window,Anti-reflect mirror 222-1200nm transmission,Longpass filter 254-2000nm transmission and 200-1200nm cut off, Shortpass filter 254-1200nm transmission and 300-1500nm cut off.


Our service

1. Customize size,thickness,shape as your needed
2. Many material could be choosed, like K9,BK7,B270,D263T,JGS1,Color glass, Float glass, Fused Silica
3. AR HR Hard coating or as your requirements
4. After-sales guarantee service,Optolong is responsible for every piece of optical filter sold


Packing & Delivery

1,Super clean workshops,protected with PE Film,no need to clean,available at any time,with lowest labor cost;
2,Wrapping with vaccum,damp-proof,dust-proof bag;
3,Plastic box,High-density carton,with protective sponge inside;

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