M6E G300 Drone 30KG Powerful Motor Agricultural Sprayer Drone UAV For Sale

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Product Overview


Product Description

Agricultural Pesticide Sprayer Drones 30L Agricultural Machine Power Crop Farm Sprayer 30kg Agriculture Spraying drone UAV


Technical Parameters
Diagonal Distance
2900×2900×780mm (with unfolded arms and unfolded propellers )
2050×1610×780mm (with unfolded arms and folded propellers)
1050×620×780mm (with folded arms)
Spray System - Tank
Tank Volume
Spray System- Pump
Operating Flow Rate
5L/min per pump
Operating Voltage
Spray System- Pressure Nozzles
Max Effective Spray Width
4M-9M (1.5-3.5M above crop)
Flying Parameters
Empty Weight(without batteries)
Standard Takeoff Weight
38.3 kg
Max Effective Takeoff Weight
68.3 kg (horizontal)
Hover Accuracy(GNSS)
With J-RTK Enabled:Horizontal ±10 cm, Vertical ±10 cm;
With J-RTK Disabled:Horizontal ±0.6m,Vertical ±0.3 m (with radar function enabled:±0.1 m)
RTK / GNSS Frequency Bands
RTK: GPS L1/L2, GLONASS F1/F2,BeiDou B1/B2, Galileo E1/E5
Battery Capacity
14S (28000mAh 51.8V)
Max Power Consumption
12000 W
Flight Time
20.10 min (@28000 mAh&takeoff weight of 38.3kg);
8.30 min (@28000 mAh&takeoff weight of 68.3kg);

Main Features

Features of M6E-G300 Agricultural Drone UAV
Cloud service
RTK accurate positioning
Flight log playback
Flow rate control
Multiple operation modes
Obstacle avoidance

Automatic spraying mode

Mode 1:
Find your crop field and set waypoint from the GCS GoogleMap, the route will automatically appear. The start point, the final
point and the working direction can all be set.
Mode 2:
Import Kml file directly , the route will automatically
appear. The start point, the final point and the working direction can all be set.
Mode 3:
Only need to set A and B point and give the drone a direction order then the drone will fly and spraying

RTK accurate positioning system
Horizontal: ±1cm + 1ppm Vertical:±2cm + 1ppm
Make sure the field can be fully covered.
To avoid damage neighbour crop and pollution.
One base station supports multiple drones work at same time.

Spraying system
Double water pumps generate bigger pressure , max 4L/min adjustable flow rate.
Bigger inlet for you to fill in the chemical faster and no leaking.
Advanced flow meter makes the error of precise spraying within 2%.
Obstacle avoidance sensor
Equip front and back Obstacle avoidance sensor makes the drone has the ability to automatically detect obstacles to avoid
unexpected crash and lose.

The GCS presents the distance from the obstacles at the same time.

Terrain following module
To make the drone has the ability to work on undulating crop field and make the spraying work much easier.
FPV camera
Real time video monitoring let you know detail information of drone and your crop situation !
Dual LED light. Support night flight!

Cloud service / Background management platform
For better management not only your drones but your spraying records !
Support real time monitoring of everything drone situation.
It will collect all the drones data include sprayed area, spraying location,
spraying log, etc.

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