Eco paper packaging Box waterproof ice cooler beer container Factory Custom molded pulp storage box (1600398671401)

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Pulp molding (paper tray) products are waste paper (or wood pulp, bamboo pulp, sugar cane pulp, straw pulp) as raw materials,afterpulp and mix into a certain concentration of pulp, in the special mold by vacuum adsorption molding, and then after drying.intodifferent types and USES of lining packaging productsGood protection, interchangeability and decoration.Good air permeability, the packaging of fresh products has unique benefits. Molded pulp products have good water absorption,hydrophobicity and heat insulation properties.
The products are mainly used for cushioning and shockproof packaging of egg tray, electronic products, auto parts, glass ceramics,street lamps, clothing, food and other products

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GAOTANG yukangda industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was established on August 16, 2017. Its business scope includes production and sales: molds and accessories, auto parts, diesel engine accessories, disposable pulp mold tableware manufacturing equipment and accessories, textile equipment and accessories, fitness equipment and pulp mold products (items subject to approval according to law can only be carried out after being approved by relevant departments)

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