Goldfish Koi - 1.5mm 3mm 5.5mm Granules Spirulina Fish Food for Pond Aquarium Koi food color lift

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Product name:SUNSUN Aquarium Fish Food High-grade Goldfish/Turtle/Bird/Hamster Feed/Mealworms/Barley insect/Antarctic scale shrimp 140g


This is a high-end fish food made by a famous Chinese aquarium manufacturer, suitable for all kinds of precious fish, turtles, birds, hamsters and other pets. Physical sterilization has completely preserved the original nutrients of Barley insects, Mealworms, and Antarctic shrimp, without any additives.

How to use: Open the bag and feed it. It is recommended to use it all at once. If there is any, please refrigerate.

Storage method: Store at room temperature.

Shelf life: 1 year1638340743431.jpg1638340745307.jpg1638340747449.jpg1638340749442.jpg1638340751336.jpg1638340753548.jpg.png

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