Guose, недорогие дома для недвижимости, сборный стальной современный дом, 2 спальни, маленький модульный дом, сделано в Китае

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Price:7 580,00 $ - 8 500,00 $
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Product Overview


Hotel, Residence, Apartment, Office
Fire, Waterproof, Pest and Disaster Prevention
2 Sets/4 workers
SIP+Light Steel+OEM/ODM

1. How to heat the container?
The top and surroundings of the container are made of heat-insulating color tile panels, which have good heat insulation
2. Will water enter the product outdoors?
The top of the container house has a water guiding design, and there is basically no water accumulation on the top. The color tile panels on the side walls
The contact position with the steel frame needs to be waterproofed with glass glue

3. How long can the product be used and how long is its service life?
Container products generally have a service life of about 15-20 years, and the local climate environment is not
At the same time, it will affect the service life

4. How about the seismic resistance of the product?
The seismic capacity of container products is generally 7-8 earthquake resistance

5. Do container houses need crane installation?
It is not necessary to use a crane for installation, depending on the type, if it is an unfolding or folding type
Containers generally use cranes, and others can be solved by hoisting

6. What are the key points of the rainproof location?
Generally, pay attention to the joints where the color tile plate and the steel structure are in contact with the appearance of rain and waterproof.
Position, the folding hinge position should be paid attention to, and the expanded corner position should be paid attention to the expansion type

7. How about the wind resistance of the product?
Wind resistance of container products: wind speed ≤120km/h

8. What is the general construction period of container products?
The general production cycle of container products is 15-20 days

9. Will the container product window be equipped with an anti-theft net?
Conventional products are not equipped with window anti-theft nets, and anti-theft net accessories can be added

10. Is there an installation manual for this product?
There are installation instructions, and we will also provide short installation videos for customers to learn about installation

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