YF Customize supplier convenient portable high quality travel picnic Silicone camping folding electric water kettle for car use (1600403406248)

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Product Overview


Customize supplier convenient portable high quality travel picnic Silicone camping folding electric water kettle for car use

Product Description

Customize supplier convenient portable high quality travel picnic Silicone camping folding electric water kettle for car use
Rated Voltage
Rated Power
Rated Capacity


1.The product is dual voltage design, it can be applied in both areas with power of AC 220-240 V 50 Hz
and AC 100-120 V 50/60 Hz. Before use the product ,please confirm whether the local power
voltage is match with the rated voltage of the product, if the voltage doesn’t match,
please adjust the Voltage Choice Switch on the bottom of kettle to choose the suitable
2.Open the kettle cover ,according to the water volume that you demand to fill water into the kettle,
please note the volume of water can’t exceed the MAX water level(MAX 555ml) ,and not less than
the MIN water level as well.
3.Close the kettle cover, place the kettle on flat dry surface, plug power cord then press the power
switch to “-” position, the indicator light turn on and the kettle begin to heat .
4.After water finishes boiling, the power is automatically cuts off, and the indicator light turns off. But
the power switch is still on the “-” position , which means the kettle is on the style of automatic
heat-preservation, when the water temperature lowers to certain degree, the indicator light will turn
on and the kettle begin to reheat.
5.If you need no the function of automatic heat-preservation, please press the power switch to “O”
position after the water is boiled.
6.If the kettle is not being used, please unplug power cord, press the power switch to “O”, fold the
kettle after it cools thoroughly.

Cleaning & Maintenance
A. Notice
1.Before cleaning ,please switch off all power. Don’t clean the kettle until it cools thoroughly.
2.Please use a slightly damp soft cloth to wipe the kettle body, then use a dry cloth wipe dry
3.Please don’t clean the kettle with hard objects, such as steel wire ring.
4.The product is not waterproof, please don’t wash it with water directly, soak it in water ,splash
water on it ,otherwise that would lead to electric leakage accidents.
5.If you long time not use the product, please clean the product and wipe dry completely ,put it in a
cool and dry place to storage.
B. Clean water stains and dirt
1.Fill mix of edible vinegar and water into the kettle to the MAX water level with the proportion of
1:2, stir slightly and begin to heat;
2. Let the mix stand still for 12 hours after boil;
3.Empty the mix ,wipe the precipitate with wet cloth, fill clean water to MAX water level, repeat to
heat, empty the water again after boil, then wash the kettle 4~5 times with clean water.
4.If necessary, please repeat above steps.

1.Please read the manual carefully before use and follow the instructions strictly. Please keep the
manual for future reference.
2.The product is not intended for use by persons with mental handicap or lack of experience and
knowledge ,unless they are closely supervised and instructed by a person responsible for their safety.
When the product is heating, please don’t let children close or touch it. Do not let children play the
product as a toy. Without any supervision or guidance, children can not clean or maintain the
3.Before use the kettle, please check whether the local power voltage matches with the voltage
indicated by product.
4.Please do not exceed the maximum water level, so as to prevent to spray or leak hot water when
5.If the kettle is empty, please don’t turn on , otherwise that will shorten the service life of the kettle.
6.Be careful of the high degree steam. Hot steam maybe spray out from the mouth of the kettle when
heating, please keep safety distance away from the mouth of the kettle.
7.Please don’t touch the hot surface of the kettle directly, if you need move the kettle, please use
handle. Close the cover before heating, and please don’t open the cover when the kettle is heating.
8.Please place the kettle on flat, dry surface when heating.
9.Please don’t use extension line or external timer, don’t use damaged cords or plugs. Please use a
grounded power outlet.
10.To avoid electrical shock risk, please don’t put the product into water or other liquids.
11.Please switch off and unplug when you fill, pour water ,or clean the kettle.
12.The product has the function of automatic heat-preservation, it will reheat when it lowers to a
certain temperature. if you need no the function, please turn off the power after heating, so as to
avoid repeat heating the water.
13.Please ensure the kettle is switched off and there is no liquid in it before you fold it.
14.Please don't operate the plug and socket with wet hands, otherwise it maybe lead to electric
15.Don’t dismantle ,repair or rebuild the product unauthorizedly . If the product or any parts are
damaged, malfunctioned, please stop using it ,switch off and unplug power cord immediately, and
send the product to nearest customer service and maintenance center to inspect and repair.
16.If the power cord is damaged, please replace with professional power cord or use the power cord
offered by manufacturer or maintenance center.
17.Please don’t use the product near source of fire, combustible gas, or flammable or heating
appliance, otherwise the plastic parts of the product may melt and burn.

Company Profile

Dongguan Shufan Homeware Company Limited called Dongguan Superfine Home Decoration Company Limited,was established in 2014 and based in hengli Town, dongguan City.Our factory "Dongguan Tuosun Plastic Electronic Factory" was established in 2011 and based in the 1st Industrial Park, Xinnan Zone,Qishi Town,Dongguan City,Guangdong,China.Our company has been delicated to research&development,manufacturing and marketing of decorative LED products many years,specialized in product designing,plastic moulding and processing.

Our main products are various plastic LED electronic products.Till now,we have developed a variety of products,such as different size/function LED candles,different kinds of string lights,widely using solar lights and attached accessories,different sizes and materials diffusers,wireless rechargeable products,many different plastic (LED ) products,etc.We have our own develop team,Moulding to make the design come true,and we are very good at curved surface printing,make the products live at once.All of our products have the features of efficient energy saving performance,long life span,high efficiency,radiation resistance and surely environmental protection.

Our products sales to all over the world,America,Canada,Alustralia,France,Germany,England,India and so on.Many products for QVC, JUSCO,MEIJER,WALMART and so on.

With advanced technologies,scientific testing methods and classic equipment,our enterprise focuses on R&D,design,manufacture and sale,pays much attention to product development and technology improvement,actively absorbs internationally advanced technologies and continuously develops new products to meet the market demands.

Our products are widely used in your life, what you can think out, we can make it come true. Except try, or you never know what we can do for you. Any products ideals? Let's make it come true together.


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You only need to confirm your material and target price. We will provide you with a solution.

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Different products, MOQ will be different, you can contact us for details.

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Our company has a completely scientific quality management system. We guarantee the high efficiency performance of each product.

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Please email or call us, we will give analysis and solution as soon as we can.

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We promise that you will get the best quality with the most reasonable pricing.

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