Imported hydraulic control valve crane hydraulic automatic hook-retracting truck crane

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Price:$29,500.00 - $30,500.00
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Product Overview



Product number
Maximum lifting moment (kN.m)
Maximum lifting weight (kg)
Number of boom sections
Maximum working range (m)
Lifting height (m)
Luffing angle (°)
Rotation angle (°)
360 full rotation
Rotation speed (r/min)
Rated working pressure (MPa)
Rated flow (L/min)
Crane weight (kg)

Product Description

Our Advantages

1. The key structural parts are welded with Q690 high-strength steel plate, which has high strength and light weight.
2. The rated torque of the rotary reducer is 6500N.m, the rotary torque of the same level is the largest, and the working capacity is stronger.
3. The octagonal boom has light weight and the carrying capacity is 15% stronger than the hexagonal boom of the same tonnage
4. The telescopic mechanism adopts the industry's unique telescopic speed free switching technology (light load fast, heavy load slow), which not only ensures safety and reliability, but also improves efficiency.
5. The maximum operating range is 15.5 meters, which is about 0.5 meters longer than the mainstream four-section boom models in the market, and the advantages are more obvious.
6. Optional auxiliary lifting to meet different lifting requirements of customers.
8. Balance valve and hydraulic pump have stable performance and long service life.
9. The standard radiator reduces the temperature of the hydraulic oil in the return tank, and the continuous operation time is longer.
10. The standard high-pressure filter improves the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil and prolongs the service life.
11. The hydraulic automatic retracting hook can be controlled by a single valve to automatically retract the hook, without impacting the arm head, and without shaking after tightening, ensuring safety during driving

Company Profile

Jiangsu Hongchang Tianma Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. is a 6 production base of the special equipment division and the cold chain attack preparation division under the new Hongchang Heavy Industry Group. It is located in Jiangsu Province, China, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan and an area of ​​180,000 square meters. It is planned to produce 10,000 special vehicles of various types annually, and the geographical position is superior. The company was established in 2016 and has now become the most competitive enterprise in China's truck crane industry.
The main products include truck-mounted crane trucks, truck cranes, high-end semi-trailer refrigerated trucks, and central axle refrigerated trucks. The product brand "Hongchang Tianma" is well-known.
Hongchang Tianma crane product series achieve full coverage of 2T-660T. m products. It is the most complete product range in China and the most flexible modular configuration smart boom solution provider. Independent design and development of Z4500 products forms the core competitiveness of the company in the field of large-tonnage knuckle boom cranes. In 2020, the technical problems of the disordered telescopic action sequence in product development, the unsafe control system, the heavy weight of the boom assembly, and the serious heating of the hydraulic system will be solved. Completed the research and development of the new cylinder structure and the telescopic hydraulic control system, and partially completed the research and development of the overload warning and intelligent control system. Become the world's most trusted provider of smart boom solutions, become the first brand of folding boom cranes in China, and create value for customers.

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Q:How is your price compared with manufacturers / factories?
A:We work as the leading dealers of various leading China construction machinery manufacturers/factories, and are constantly
treated with best dealership price. our price is more competitive than theprice from manufacturers/factories.

Q:How long will your price be valid?
A:We are a tender and friendly supplier, never greedy on windfall proft Basically, our price remains stable through the year. We only adjust our price based on two situations: (1) The rate of USD: RMB varies significanty according to the intemnational currency exchange rates; (2) Manufacturers/factories adjusted the machine price, because of the increasing labor cost and raw material cost.

Q:What logistics ways you can work for shipment?
A:We can according to your needs, ship construction machinery by various transportation tools.

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