good price Auto car Spray Booth oven car body paint and painting room (1600405004206)

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1,As for auto spray booth,what kind of heating system do you have?
It has electric heating system,diesel heating system.You are suggested to choose one heating method.It depends on whether
electricity or diesel is more expensive in your local.
2,What is the thickness of wall panels metal sheets?
The thickness of EPS is 50mm,75mm,Rock wool board 50mm,75mm,the thickness of metal sheets is 0.35-0.476mm
3,What is the roof material?
Galvanized steel roof panel.
4,What is the relate of outside height and inside height of auto spray booth?
The height of basement is 280mm,the height of roof is 490mm,so 3470mm-280mm-420mm=2700mm
5,As for auto spray booth,what is the height requirement of vehicles which will be sprayed and baked?
Height of vehicles should be less than or equal to 1900mm,because there should be 800mm from car roof to inside booth roof.Be
convenient to spray paint on the top of vehicles.
6,What is the main purpose of flat steel grilles?
There is filtration system under flat steel grilles.
7,What is the advantages of inlet fans and exhaust fans?
With fans,the booth will have a good and rapid internal air circulation,paint fumes can be drain out as quick as
possible.Pollution is small,it will be comfortable when people are working in the booth.
8,What kind of fans used in your auto spray booth?
YDW European turbofan,high air volume,low noise,low pressure,it's ideal fans in automobile spray cabinet.
9,What kinds of color of main door I can choose?
As for main door,you can choose grey,white,red,blue,reddish orange,silver grey.
10,What kinds of color of SLD-E50 auto spray booth I can choose?
Generally speaking,we have grey,blue etc.You also can tell us the color you like.We will make sure whether it is available
according to color card.
11,How do you determine fans on the left or right of spray booth?
When you stand in front of auto spray booth looking at it,the fans will be on the left or right.
12,Where is the temperature sensor installed in spray booth?
Temperature sensor should be installed at the middle of top roof.It is both beautiful and effective.
13,Can I open the ventilator and heating system at the same time?
When spraying,ventilator works,making a good internal air circulation,paint fumes can be drain out as quick as possible,you can
open infrared lamps or diesel burner if indoor temperature is very low.But when baking,ventilator is not allowed to open.heating
system and ventilator can not work at the same time when baking.
14,Besides SLD-E50,do you have other types of spray booth?
Yes,we have a series of spray booths,SLD-E10,SLD-E20,SLD-E30,SLD-E40,SLD-E50,SLD-E60,SLD-E70,SLD-E80.
15,How about your after-sales service?
Our after-sales service is very good.Each kind of spare parts of spray booth will be marked by number before delivery,and packing
list,installation drawing,circuit diagram will come with auto spray booth.Besides,we have installation videos of spray booth in
Youtube.If you have any question during the process of installation,you can also consult our machine expert.

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