Light calcium carbonate price caco3 powder price

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Industrial Grade Calcium Carbonate Powder

Industrial Grade Calcium Carbonate Powder

DESCRIPTION Industrial Grade Calcium Carbonate Powder


    Light calcium carbonate price caco3 powder price

     • CaCO3

     • CAS No. 471-34-1

     • EINECS No.  207-439-9


Light calcium carbonate also called Precipitate calcium carbonate. It is made of high quality calcium carbonate (limestone) as raw material.It through calcine, digestion, carbonation, sedimentation,filtration, drying and crushing process and become.The products characteristic is high whiteness, high brightness, uniform distribution of particles, narrow diameter distribution etc.


Calcium carbonate is pure white, micronized, superfine powder can be widely applied in any field.

Raw material: limestone, white marble, dolomite powder, calcite powder

Appearance: powder, powder coating powder, masterbatch, nano coating, stone powder, pellet, granules.

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PRODUCT INFORMATION Super white precipitated limestone caco3 cheap calcium carbonate manufacturer


Product NamePrecipitated/Light
Calcium Carbonate
Calcium Carbonate
Nano Grade
Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate(CaCO3)

content ≥%

HCL insoluble content ≤%0.20%0.150.3
PH( 10% suspension)9.0-11.08.0-10.08.5-11.0
Volatile content below 105℃≤
Free Alkali ≤%0.10%--
Oil Absorption50-60ml/g60ml/100g45gDOP/100gcaco3
Whiteness degree ≥ %909290
Sedimentation volume ≥ml/g2.2-2.8--
Fe ≤%
Mn ≤%0.010.006-
Average Particle0.5-15um5-10um1-2um
Activation Grade-96%95%






SHIPPING & STORAGE Industrial Grade Calcium Carbonate Powder



  Store it in a ventilated area,keep it cool and dry.


  25kg/plastic woven bag (a layer or laminating).

Exp.Date:  2 Years.





WORKING PROCESS Super white precipitated limestone caco3 cheap calcium carbonate manufacturer


  1. Select high purity material

  2. High temperature calcine

  3. Quicklime digestion

                4. Lime water carbonation

                5. Sedimentation and filtration

                6. Drying & crushing then pack






APPLICATIONS Industrial Grade Calcium Carbonate Powder





ABOUT US Industrial Grade Calcium Carbonate Powder


40000 m2 Factory Area
12000 m2 Building Area
2 Production Lines
1.5 Million Annual Export Value

Delivery time: 25 working days(Based on your quantity)
Main Market: Asian, Southeast Asia, South America, North America, Europe, Middle East, South Africa
Factory Employee: 106 (12 management, 8 technical personnel, 86 workers)


Huirong Company can provide all kinds of calcium carbonate such as industrial grade, food grade, feed grade calcium car-bonate with best quality and competitive price.

Our services team includes the best sales, professional and technical personnel, and the best quality inspectors. The raw material and appearance of calcium carbonate can customize according to your requirements.

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Industrial grade calcium carbonate

Industrial grade calcium carbonateis an important building material, have a wide use in industry. We have Ground calcium carbonate, Precipitated calci-um carbonate, light calcium carbonate, Coated calcium carbonate, Uncoate-d calcium carbonate and Nano calcium carbonate for your choice.

Application: plastic,pipe,paper,pvc pipe,fertilizer,paint,cable,pvc,plastic joysh-aker bottles,painting,rubber pussy,cable and wire,electric cable,electric cable, material for paper cups,rubber pennis,pigment powder,pvc material,artificial marble,plastics industry,electrical wire,ppc paper,water paint,pvc pipe resin, used wire and cable, agriculture farming.

Food grade calcium carbonateFood grade calcium carbonate as a food additive can be used for different types of food. Such as milk powder, toothpaste, baking soda, wastewater treatment, moisture absorber, dental use etc.
Feed grade calcium carbonateFeed grade calcium carbonate is a kind of feed type mineral raw materials, generally can be used for animal feed.



FAQ Super white precipitated limestone caco3 cheap calcium carbonate manufacturer


           1.Q: The benefits of product in industrial application ?  

           A: It Can Improve the tensile strength and wear resistance, can reduce the production cost and keep the

                stability of the products.

        2.Q: What should be paid attention about the application of industrial calcium carbonate?
           A: Should be away from incompatible substances.,Keep away from strong acids.

        3.Q: What is the nature of light calcium carbonate ?
           A: Light calcium carbonate, Molecular formula CaCO3, The molecular weight is 100.09. White Powder, crystal

                form, needle/spindle/ cube, slight alkalinity, Insoluble in water, chemical stability.



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