10ul racked sterilized lab universal micro pipette filter tips

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Products Description

Surface Test
Under 20X microscope
Fitting Test
Universal Fitting
Filter Test
Filter Protection good performance

Product packaging

Inner Box
Out Box

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PCR Series
Centrifuge Series
Deep Well Plate Series

Cell Culture Series
Storage Tube Series
Package Bottle Series


Superior Quality Laboratory Consumables 100,000 Class Clean Room
LEAN Production
Six Sigma Management
ISO9001:2008,ISO13485:2003,CE Certified
All products are DNase,RNase free, pyrogen free

1.PakGent Bioscience is one of global leading manufacturers in liquid handling product lines, specifically focused on Pipette Tips and PCR tubes/plates and all different kind of Tubes.

2.Our team has over decade of manufacturing and global marketing experience in this specific area and, PakGent brand is a global brand and we successfully had this brand registered for over 40 countries.

3.Product lines under PakGent have been successfully exported to over 40 countries in Europe/USA/Canada, Middle East and Asia Pacific markets etc. And we are currently working with global players like Thermo Fisher and VWR too.

4.We have very wide product line in liquid handling like, Tecan/Hamilton/Beckman/Rainin Robotic tips besides of general manual pipette tips, and more range of PCR product lines.



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Endotoxin Test
Analysis Test


(1)What is your main products?
We mainly produce manual & robotic pipette tips, cell culture, PCR plate, storage tube, centrifuge tube, package bottle

(2)How about your production capacity?
We have 6pcs auto producing line, 120,0,000 pcs per hour.

(3) What certificates do you have?
ISO9001:2008,ISO13485:2003,CE Certified

(4)Can we sell PakGent brand in our country?
we successfully had this brand registered for over 40 countries.

(5)How do you sterilize your products? Gamma radiation or other electron ray?
E-beam, one kind of Gamma Sterilization.

(6) Can you issue your certificate of sterilization? We want a certificate whose issuer is your company.
We have this document COA as attached, together with each shipment for all items/lots product, Certificate
of Analysis, which includes our quality guarantee in quality level, includes certificate of DNase/RNase free
and Pyrogen free.

(7) What does the your tips make from? Are you mixing anything to improve wetting?
Our tips made of medical grade Polypropylene too, we mainly buy from global supplier like, Basel or PolyOne. No, we don't normally mixing anything to improve wetting, but we do mix some additive to improve low binding/low retention performance for our product line of low retention series (all PN with -L means low retention version), the additives also come from global supplier of same above, basically same raw material formula/source as global players like, Corning or Rainin, Eppendorf etc.

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