Low Pressure Feed Industrial Metal Car Painting Round Spray WA 101 WA 200 Automatic Spray Gun For Coating

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Product Overview


Product Description

WA-200 pressure feed automatic industrial metal paint spray gun for coating 
Nozzle Orifice.(mm)
Feed type
Spray distance
Stainless Steel
Ideal to spray wood,ceramics,hardware,toy,plastic item,furniture,craft etc.Especially for ceramics glaze spraying and abrasive grind material.

Product Show

The nozzle and needle which are the core parts of the spray gun are made of  316 stainless steel with special processing,which ensure the gun wear resistant,painting saving.   It's convenient to disassemble and clean the gun.                                    

How to connect?

Use clean air filtered through air dryer and air filter.------If not,dirty air can cause painting failure.
If you use this gun for the first time after purchasing,clean fluid passages spraying thinner and remove rust preventive oil.-------If not,remaining preventive oil can cause painting failure such as fish eyes.
Use three-way solenoid valve of more that 4 inner dia.cross-sectional area and air hose of over 6 ommer doa.ad less than 10m length.------If not,small dia of solenoid valve and longer air hose between three way solenoid valve and gun can cause dely in operation.
Firmly fix hose to spray gun.-----If not,diisconnection of hose and drop of container can cause bodily injury.

Air pressure regulating filter
The spray gun has high demand for the source of air. It's recommended to installed air pressure regulating filter to adjust the air pressure around 0.3-0.4 Mpa.At the same time,the regulating filter can remove some of the impurtities in the air,so that some defects such as dirt pits will not happen.Thus the painting effect can be greatly enhanced.

Spray gun cleaning tips


Wash and dry in time after using the spray gun
1, first pour the dilution solvent to the 1/3 capacity of cup 
2, Spray til the clean solvent is visible
3, the surface of the gun body is wiped clean with a cloth dipped in solvent
4. Do not always disassemble the internal parts of the gun to clean it separately, so as to avoid damage or loss of internal parts.
5. Please do not soak the whole gun body with solvent. The solvent will make the inner seal ring expand and the seal will be not tight.
6, Add lubricating grease timely to each adjustment device of the spray gun to keep the adjustment smooth

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Shanghai Xinhou Spraying & Purification Equipment Co., Limited

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Paint coating auto automatic Spray gun WA-200


● Pacakge: Standard exporting cartons or pallets

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     Within 10 days for customized products ( Producing time + transport time )


● Delivery methods: DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, EMS, Air cargo, By sea


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2. How can I get a sample to check quality ?
1)Contact us and we’ll negotiate the best price possible for you.
2)Free sample:Sample cost can be refundable if your following order quantity is large enough.

3. How to pay ?
1)To pay by Alibaba Trade Assurance Order.Which can be drafted by us.All order details and payment methods are included .Please send us your consignee’s information including name ,detailed address with zip code,phone number after confirmation of product specification,order quantity and price with us.You will receive Trade Assurance Order by email when it’s drafted.Please check all the order details and make the payment.
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4. How fast can I get my package?
1)DHL :Southeast Asia 3-4 days / others 3-5 days
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3)UPS: Southeast Asia 3-4 days / others 4-6 days
4)TNT: Southeast Asia 3-4 days / others 4-6 days

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