Профессиональный универсальный анализатор литиевых аккумуляторов для ноутбуков, электрических велосипедов, система тестирования аккумуляторов Nlba (1600415363662)

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Product Overview


Product Description

High-precision battery formation and capacity division system
1. Each unit has 8 channels, and each channel can be individually set to work steps and run independently;
2. Mainly used for 18650 and soft pack polymer battery charging and discharging capacity detection and charging and discharging cycle aging test;
3. Connect to a computer, with a PC upper computer, and automatically generate data files for all test results;
4. Working mode: charging (constant current charging and constant voltage charging), pause (standstill, shelving), discharge (constant current discharge);
5. The four-wire test method is adopted, with high accuracy;
6. Using advanced constant current source and constant voltage source technology, the loop has current and voltage limiting functions and battery reverse protection functions;
7. Intelligent power failure protection measures. During the battery test process, any time there is a power failure or power failure of the power supply system (cooperate with the UPS system to ensure that the system software exits normally), the test system can guarantee that no data will be lost. After power on again, The test system has a self-recovery function, which can seamlessly connect from the place where the power was lost last time and continue the test process.

Stable performance, high precision, simple operation
Lithium-ion battery capacity testing equipment


It is suitable for the detection of the capacity of 18650, soft-pack polymer and other lithium-ion batteries and the
charge-discharge cycle aging test.


Device model
Single channel
Output power
Communication method
TCP/IP (Network port)
Discharge voltage
Charging voltage
data record
100mS~65535 S
Recharging current
Discharge current
Current accuracy
Voltage accuracy
Voltage resolution
The smallest unit used by lmV equipment when detecting or setting voltage
Electric current resolution
The smallest unit used by lmA equipment when detecting or setting voltage
Charging mode
Constant current charging Constant voltage charging
Discharge mode
Constant current discharge. Constant power discharge
Charging cut-off
Voltage,current,time, capacity,temperature
Discharge cut-off

All products can be customized with different voltages and currents according to customer needs

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