Вакуумный концентратор JOSTON с паровым подогревом для томатной пасты, меда, фруктового сока, испаритель со скребковым смесителем

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1. The scraper concentrator can be used for distillation and recovery of organic concentration medium, as well as for evaporation and concentration of high concentration feed solution, with a significant concentration ratio of more than 1.4. Due to the vacuum decompression concentration, the concentration time is short, and the effective components of the heat sensitive materials will not be damaged.
2. The contact parts of the equipment and materials are made of stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance, durability and meets the requirements of GMP.
3. This series of products have novel design and unique structure. The scraper blade can be semicircular or conical in combination with the tank body. It can be heated by jacket and evaporated by agitation. The effect of concentration is good. It is suitable for the heat transfer, evaporation and concentration of high viscosity materials
Vacuum scraper concentrator including the following unit : concentrator tank equipped with scraper agitator ,condenser ,sub-cooler ,water/gas separator ,collection tank,vacuum pump and pipeline etc.

1) Its heat transfer coefficient value is high, and its evaporation capacity & strength can achieve 200kg/m2 · hr, with high thermal efficiency.
2)Material heating time is short, from 5 seconds to 10 seconds. Under vacuum conditions, the equipment can favorably retain heat-sensitive material's various ingredients, and produce non-decomposition, to ensure the quality of products.
3) This equipment is adopted to wide range of viscosity. Material of high viscosity can also be processed. Material viscosity can be as high as 10 million per cent tabor (CP).
4) Changing the rotation direction of the scraper groove, can adjust the process time of material in the evaporator.
5) The wall of evaporation cylinder body is after precision milling and polishing processing, so its surface is not easy to generate coking, fouling. 6) It is convenient to operate, and easy to regulate in product index. In airtight condition, continuity production can be auto-controlled.
7) Equipment covers a small area, with simple structure. It is easy to clean and convenient to maintenance
8)The uses of scrapping wall type rotary scarper makes the heat transfer area of the enrichment tank undate in timely to ensure the material does not adhere to the heat transfer suface for a long time, so that the equipment maintains a high heat transfer coefficiency
and highevaporation intensity.
9) The material in the scraper concentration tank keeps stirring and turning, and the material is heated evenly, which prevents the material from being burned and carbonized for a long time and ensures the high quality of medicine.
10)The srecuture of the quipment is reasonable, there is a large space for evaporation and separation, the phenomenon of vapor-liquid entrainment is reduced, the yield of the finished products is high, and the whole process of is completed at low temperature, the color and quality of the extract is good.
11) When the material is discharged scraping plate can completely clean the paste attached to the tank wall, reducing consumption and ensuring the paste yield.

Polishing is vital for tanks. Tanks should be polished wholly inside and outside.
Therefore it can ensure there is no place for the bacteria to hide in tanks.
Our polishing system consists of auto and semi-auto polishing machine and manual polishing.
Each tank is polished three times and more polish for the key place.

Our argon central system for welding provides 100% pure argon to protect tanks from distorting during welding

Products Description

Technical Data Related

Concentrator tank volume:L
Evaporate capacity kg/h

evaporated temperature C
Vacuum degree MPa
-0.08--- -0.09
Concentrator tank jacket heating area M2
Condenser cooling area M2
Sub-cooler cooling area M2
Steam consumption kg/h
Cooling water consumption T/H
Agitator motor power KW

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About Us

We have established some overseas agent office to make the after-sales serivce already ,so it can will be service client in fast response .also in our headquarter service team ,there is a expert team which can support client in 7*24 hours .
1. Customer inquiry and consultation (URS documents)
2. Confirmation of treatment plan (DQ documents &PID Drawing)
3.Quotation offer with the technology document (Quotation PI )
4.Engineering and Manufacturing (Production &Quality inspection )
5. Product inspection (FAT documents)
6. Delivery arrangement and loading work (full set Shipment documents)


1.What about your factory?
Our factory is located in Wenzhou city ,Zhejiang Province and have more than 15 years experience on machinery making.

2.How will your company control the equipment quality ?
We have a qualified expert team ,we will inspect every production proceed .also Machines will be tested in our plant before shipment .

3.How long the warranty will be?
We provide 1 year warranty for the machine running ,but we will afford whole -life service for the machine .

4.Which kind payment do your company do now ?
We accept Western Union, T/T ,D/P,D/C and irrevocable L/C payable etc.

5.Can we become your distributor in our country?

Yes, we very welcome you! More details will be discussed if you are interested in being our agent.

6.Why we choose "JOSTON "?
1. We enhance the reliability of product's quality and working life .
2. We decrease the consumption cost of the product in the running.
3. We improve research personnel's ability to deliver a creative design;
4. We use leading technologies in our product development and innovation, and thereby increase the competitive advantage of products.

7.Do you supply installation equipment in oversea?

Yes, if need, we can send our engineer to your plant to help you do installation and commission.

8.How can we know the order production status ?
We will arrange the person to take photo or video during manufacturing in every week to make you to know the production status.When goods are finished,we will take detailed photos or video for your checking ,after approve ,then we will arrange shipment .also you can arrange FAT in our plant when the goods is ready here

9.what is kind service do you offer before making order ?
1.according to your company URS ,we will make the design drawing accordingly.
2.after your company approved drawing ,we will make quotation.
3. final we make agreement on payment terms ,delivery time ,package ,shipment etc.

10.how about your company after-sale service ?
1. We provide long-term after-sale service.
2. we can do installation and commission for the equipment in your plant if necessary .
3. Meanwhile, you can call or e-mail us to consult on any relevant question since we have a special line for after-sale service. Alternatively, you can communicate on-line with us to solve any problem.

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