Blast freezers quick freezing machine fast freezer with high quality

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Shrimp fish meat quick freezer /fast freezing machine/vegetable freezing machine
Brief introduction of quick freezer: Quick-freezing machine is a kind of freezing equipment with high efficiency that can freeze a large number of products in a short time. The products placed inside the quick-freezer can be frozen effectively and economically.

The characteristics of quick freezer: 1. Imported Taikang compressor with high efficiency, energy saving and low noise.  

2. Using pure copper tube evaporator, the temperature in the cabinet is balanced and the food is kept fresh for a long time.

3. Intelligent multifunctional temperature control system realizes precise temperature regulation.

4. All stainless steel shell and liner, good corrosion resistance, durable, easy to clean, no sanitary dead corner, in line with the requirements of sanitary certification.

5. The overall high-pressure and high-density foaming of the whole machine greatly improves the thermal insulation performance of the cabinet and realizes the purpose of energy saving.

6. The detachable integrated unit makes it extremely convenient to move and maintain.

7. One button switch design, easy to use.  

8. Automatic defrosting system, automatic evaporation of defrosting water.

9. The foot has universal movable casters and gravity adjusting feet.  

10. Power supply, voltage and frequency can meet customer requirements.

11. Quick freezing cabinet can effectively reduce the loss of food juice and inhibit the breeding of bacteria, which is to ensure the taste and safety of food

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Number of layers
4-6(divided into multiple layers according to the thickness of the product)
lowest Temperature
220V/380v 50HZ
Seafood, meat, etc.

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